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Unreal 3?

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    Unreal 3?

    go check out the lastest news over at UnrealOps:

    "Okay this ought to make the rest of your week interesting. First of all the rest of the news is going to be running a little late due to a small Real Life problem. In the meantime here is something to tide you over until then. Remember that the following information has some truth, however it is mostly speculation."

    "Over the last month there has been rumblings about Epic's next project as we near the release of UT2004. I had heard from some credible Euro sources that there was an Unreal 3 in the works. I tought of it as a cool idea but took the info with a grain of salt as we all know what happened with Unreal 2. Besides I thought that Epic would be spending their time divided between UT2005/6 and Unreal Warfare. However this persistant buzzing is still around and the following screenshots may help clear some things up."

    "As you can see by the polys and the overall 'feel' of the weapon it does indeed look like a future Unreal weapon. Combine that with the fact that this was designed for Epic makes the wheels really start turning about what future game it belongs to."

    "Will we get an answer to the origins of this weapon? Probably not. Epic has been always pretty tight lipped about future projects. Does this mean they are working on a game besides UT2004 right now? Most definitely. I was looking at the original UT trophy at Epic's studios when I came across an artist working on an alien creature that I hadn't seen in an Unreal game before. However Cliff did ask me to not take a picture of that gentlemen's work and I respectfully did as he asked."

    "In the end we are no closer to finding out what the future holds but it was cool to see a possible tidbit of it."

    sounds pretty interesting to me....

    Looking at that pic i completely disagree.
    If anything it looks more like an Unreal Warfare than a Unreal3 weapon but thats just me.


      Uhm... why =wouldn't= there be an Unreal3 in the works? Believe it or not there is a market for ppl that don't play online and while Unreal2 was a POS, perhaps they have learned from their mistakes and have decided to *WOW* the single-player crowd with Unreal3. :up: I hope so... that would kick ***.


        i agree to disagree
        unreal warefare teh engine

        looks like a unreal dx9 engine:bulb:simalar to the quake 4 screenshots
        mabeh unreal 3 I have heard rumors :bulb:
        it was a cliffhanger


          screw Unreal3, i want Blip And Blop: Balls Of Steel

          But seriously, Ive heard from a good source(dont want to name names because of possible NDA's and other legal ****) that Epic is a ways along in the development of their new engine. no full game ofcourse, but far enough to show off some of the technology. I believe "eat your heart out half life 2" was mentioned. very exciting:up:


            This is all pure speculation, the picture is just artwork, why is this guy talking about polys??? :bulb:
            But a good SP Unreal 3 would be great, I wonder who could make it and if it will take place in the original Unreal Universe...
            I want to go back to Na Pali :cry: :cry: :cry:



              that picture is very very old.


                Yes this is speculation and yes that pic isn't new. However making an Unreal 3 makes perfect sense. Epic messed up two times (in most people's eyes) with UT2003 and Unreal 2. They are making amends with the MP side of things with UT2004. Why couldn't they go back and do an Unreal 3.

                They could implement ideas that didn't make it into 2. They can go back and rethink some old characters while introducing new ones. And the biggest 'Pro' point of all is Co-op. I am very much enjoying Halo but I am very bummed it doesn't have Co-op. The SP screams to have a buddy fighting alongside you. If someone makes a game like Halo SP that has a Co-op feature I would have NO PROBLEM paying $50 for it.

                Some of these games being released aren't even worth $20. I bought Halo PC for $39 and that seemed just about right. In the end us gamers have the say it what games are made because we are the bosses in the end.


                  IMO that wep looks completley fugly anyway. I'd be interested in an Unreal 3 *only* if its developed by Epic & DE - But I just dont see that happening, if their is an Unreal 3 it'll probably be made by Scion or something. Also, I'd like them to go backto Na'pali eventually... And bring some of that ambience and some crazy skys. .


                    I like the idea of it... very much speculations, but who cares... roumers are awesome!
                    As sayd before... I want to go back to Napali! :cry:


                      i cant believe some people are still pushing the idea that a game called "unreal warfare" is in the works.

                      that is one of the FEW rumors that epic has EXPLICTLY responded to. there is no such game.

                      now, as a concept... i.e. an unreal-ish game expanding on the multiplayer concepts we now see in U2xmp and UT2k4?


                      unreal3 or not, i suspect we'll someday see something else from the unreal universe besides another ut2k* title.

                      imo, although ive never seen it said by epic, i think this is what happened:

                      1. unreal2 was gonna have really neato MP akin to both XMP and some ctf variation (i.e. halo-ish).

                      2. "unreal warfare" was the engine name, but also a project concept for a game to be released in 2003 or so, perhaps very much focused on the type of gameplay we now see being added in ut2k4.

                      3. ut2k3 was conceived, since UC could be reasonably ported to PC.

                      4. unreal2 was then to be oriented around SP.

                      5. ut2k3 comes out, and the 'unreal warfare' project is scrapped for the idea of ut2k4 expansion. unreal2 comes up half a year later with no MP.

                      6. scion and legends and digital extremes and "Epic Friends" toss around a whole set of new ideas for a whole range of new games to be developed from 2003-2005.

                      7. ut2k4 and u2xmp targetted for shelves...

                      8. mystery games under development for 2004 and beyond...


                        All interesting thoughts Tse Tse but in light of today's news it does throw a monkey wrench into them.


                          Originally posted by Mohlraax
                          I like the idea of it... very much speculations, but who cares... roumers are awesome!
                          As sayd before... I want to go back to Na pali! :cry:
                          YES! The whole guys in techno-wrestling costumes and power armor has been explored pretty throroughly.

                          Get back to a bit of magic and mysticism. Get back to the Guys with 4 Arms and Boxer Shorts.


                            ... ansd give as an action fps where you for once do not play the american marine, the humans superweapon, the ├╝bersoldat!


                              dont expect an unreal 3 for about 50 thousand years. because the people behind duke nukem forever are gonna start on it, as soon as they're done with dfk first. This was confirmed a while back, dont ask for resources.
                              p.s. i didnt read any of teh replies above, so if it got mentioned who cares.