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So 2004 will include an in game clock.....will it have an ALARM?......

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    If the timer is there to count down the ammount of time left in a match and you use it - then I'd have to say that you're not playing either hard enough or up your limit. If you want to see that you have X ammount of time left so you better hurry up and win then why weren't you hurrying to begin with? you should play every minute like it's the last one. Then you won't have to hurry more to get that last push.... becuase you're already at your limit


      Always wanted the real time in the game... i loose sence of time so much whilst playing its not even funny


        the f1 timer is what good people have almays used for timing the PU's. (UT/UT2K3)

        i like the clock(gg ttm), but an alarm is pushing it.


          The alarm wouldnt be very useful for timing armour anyway, if it's clunky to set.
          Anyway, about the 30-minute alarm to prevent you from being a worse geek than you already are: that just won't work.
          1. Because the clock doesn't display the actual time, and is reset every match
          2. Because a second in UT2k3 match time actually takes 0.9 seconds. (IIRC, it could've been 0.91)

          If you want to keep track of the real time, buy a cheap alarm clock and perch it on top of your monitor.


            we need the time and an alarm \o/