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|GG|UT2k3 Movie Released

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    Originally posted by FLAGEL
    It is when about 40% of all the UT2k3-movies have Linkin Park in them.
    He, if i make a UT2003 vid then I'll remember to use something other than Linkin Park then .. Just 4 u :P.


      Thnx for the nice words and the points made by Flagel. Be sure to take notice of them next time i make a movie (next time?!!) Although i wasnt planning on making it to win an oscar just made it for the frags and the pace. Thnx for the kind words every1


        Originally posted by CH405
        Ah man

        That movie got me reminiscent of my CTF days.


        Yup I remember playing nearly against all those guys back in the day, when I was a CTF player in a CTF clan. (not saying )
        Say it

        p.s. dwl ^_^


          I like the pace of the movie
          The frags were average, and the editing was very good for your first movie. I have to agree with the l.park not being one of my favorite bands but hey, its your movie... you control the stage
          Oh compression could be better but 170ish is not too over the top.

          nice job with it:up:


            Originally posted by Ignition
            Yeah, put some Maiden in! :up:
            :up: :up: :up:


              well i love Linkin Park and Evanescence so it was in heeh Thnx for the feeback


                I would like to add although too late that the individual prfile images where work of |GG|Simpo