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[OT] Alternatives To Windows Media Player ?

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    Originally posted by RedShadowXX
    what's a good 5.1 plugin for Winamp again?


      Good choices here (for QT and RM), Real Time Alternative and Quicktime Alternative.. and MP Classic is nice too.. I forget nowadays what for though ...

      The Core Media Player, IMHO is the best by far for most formats, it runs OGM and MKV formats flawlessly as well.. what are these two strange formats ? Besides supporting crisp, clean video, these newer formats also bring multiple audio and subtitle channels to the table.. easily blowing away any other video formats I've used or encoded with.

      The Kazaa Mega-Codec Pack, I cant see recommending... its incomplete and missing some useful codecs.. Get the Cole2K Codec Pack to play back ALL formats.. including MKV, and it will even let you play XviD in WMP properly (no green **** screen) if youve ran into the problem and had to use DivX Player...

      I have ripped, encoded and subtitled *many* DVD outputs, film and Anime, and even if you still use a lot of AVI/WMV/ASF etc etc files, I seriously doubt you will run into many problems with these two:

      The Cole2K Codec Pack

      The Core Media Player

      BTW, The Core, also makes an excellent Winamp replacement, it even runs all the Winamp AVS (visual) plugins .


        Originally posted by vladthedog
        no.... i've ripped 30 or 40 cd's (192)..... the rest of the 30gb i've downloaded... and now that i think about it, it may be 50 or 60.. i forgot i did a few more when i first reformatted.
        Not that it matters in the least.. but a single cd @ 192kbs RARELY - if ever - takes over 100MB of space, X50 = 5GB max.

        Though I'm used to seeing a full cd at that rate rip to what.. 60-80mb...

        30GB is more like 300+ CD's worth .

        Anyway, I'm not sure how the mp3s came into play in this thread anyway .


          Originally posted by Buhbuhj
          30 gbs of music?? That is insane. Are you sure you dont have some movies in there??

          Try 152 gigs of music.

          Library :

          Not to hijack the thread but at this point my friend and I are working on finding an all-in-one MP3 organizer.

          It has to be able to handle tons of MP3's, edit tags, rename files based on the tags, export to excel, track across multiple media formats like CDS and DVDs and handle all different music formats. Any suggestions?