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Tutorial for UTV & discussions channel ingame?

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    Tutorial for UTV & discussions channel ingame?

    Hi !

    i play UT2004 since april and i realize that i have :
    - never seen a UTV game :cry:
    - and i dont know how to use the ingame chat... :cry:
    (yes im noob ut2004 is my first ut game and my first online experience)

    Epic claimed that UTV is a main feature of the game but they dont explain anywhere (manual, internet, etc...) How it works.

    With the worlcup currently taking place in france, i would like to see some live pro player competitions. I have been to some sites related to competitions but i didnt found anything helpful.

    Any help would be appreciated. Tx !


    if you dont want to explain it because it takes to much time,
    at least provide a link to a forum or something else which describe it plz.


      when u say in game chat, i presume u mean text chat. just press T and then type your message and press return. if u mean voicechat, then there is a button to press to activate the microphone, look in the sound settings and check the button it is bound to.
      UTV is mutator and from what i have heard is pretty buggy. not sure how u use it but events usual have a ip address which u type into the console (check which button in manual)


        Just find out the ip for the UTV.
        Type in consoll:
        open <insert ip here>



        I dont think ESWC has UTV for there matches though.. Not sure. There are irc reporterbot, shoutcasts and demos though.


          tx for your answers.

          1- when i mean ingame chat (or discussions channels) i dont mean the T key but the channels like #ut, #esworldcup.ut
          you can found it in one of the tab when you choose "play online" on the start screen.

          2- ok for utv but now where do you find the IPs, i heard they were announced on some of the discussions channels.


            Originally posted by blabla1218
            tx for your answers.

            2- ok for utv but now where do you find the IPs, i heard they were announced on some of the discussions channels.
            You gotta hang out in the channels to find ut about the UTV servers. When they had the Jolt ONS league Quikshot would post here with UTV ips. Just like the servers we play on it has to be done by the individuals not Epic. Shame that the ESWC isn't doing it. UTV worked realy well for the Jolt ONS games I watched.