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Internet safety & security advice?

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    Internet safety & security advice?

    Just had my browser hijacked and spent too much time manually deleting nasty Registry entries.

    I have since downloaded, installed, and ran these applications:

    SpyBot Search & Destroy

    I suppose that should do the trick, but are there any better applications out there? Will any of this stuff slow down UT2004 online? I don't want ANYTHING running that might negatively impact my online gaming.

    The safe and secure thing to do...

    Dump Internet Exploder. I did about a week ago and I'm never going back.


    Edit : For those that don't know Firefox is a Mozilla browser which stemmed from Netscape. It comes with your basic browser and you can load extensions that will add functionality. Try it, you'll love the themes



      If you're running XP, don't neglect the System Restore feature. A lot of people just turn it off to improve performance or something, but it's saved my posterior on more than one occasion. In fact, just today I used it to rid myself of a virus that my anti-virus wouldn't clean.

      I honestly don't have to use it very often, simply because I don't click "Yes" to all those installation boxes that appear, plus I download all the Windows updates. Smart computing can do wonders.


        Re: The safe and secure thing to do...

        Originally posted by 607ch00
        Dump Internet Exploder. I did about a week ago and I'm never going back.

        :up: :up: :up: :up:

        do you have any sort of firewall? if not, check out zonealarm (i think the official homepage is they have a freeware version that actually i just installed today (i was running norton b4 that, but while it worked, i just didn't like the software, plus i've heard that it does have a negative impact on online games... plus i like freeware.. freeware is my friend)... if you are actually worried (and notice) any kind of hinderance in online gaming, its very easy to disable (just two clicks) for gaming sessions. i was able to get on a server for just a short while today after installing and didn't notice any lag or hiccups or anything like that.


          Ad-aware Pro does the job fine :up:

          Dont know if you know this one, but you can control what runs when WindowsXP starts up by opening Start Menu/Run and typing MSCONFIG which brings up the System config Utility - then click on the startup tab and you have a list of apps that run on startup - untick any you dont think need to be there (my list has about 30 items - i only let 2 run; my ADSL tray app and ATI control panel) - you can also enable/disable what services run on startup if you wish.

          I find it a really useful utility - its funny how every single application/program you install in Windows thinks it is the most important app on your PC, so it sticks itself in startup - & surely u must want it to run constantly in the background right? Wrong.

          Also, you might want to try out the new beta of XP Service pack 2 - i found it took a lot of my spyware/browser problems away - it even stops those stupaD little boxes saying 'You must click here to continue' (which if u do will install unwanted ***** - hit esc instead) as well as IE installers - it gives u the option to allow/disallow/disallow and never ask again :up:
          Some geeks dont like SP2 but i've had no probs - if u dont like it u can always uninstall it.

          One last thing - make sure u update Ad-awares definitions every time u run it - if u dont, you might as well not have it installed.

          Apologies if you know any of this already and i've just patronised you, but u did ask :up:

          Right, now i'll stand back and let the TechnoGeek flamers tell me everything i've just said is wrong :haha: :up: :up:


            Is a router good for the computer?

            Though I use Mozilla most of the times.

            Another true fact: not using IE increases your chances of not getting a virus by 90%. (sorry for the bad grammar)

            And how about switching to Linux?

            Back in the old days, people are saying switch to Linux because Windows was very unstable and vulnerable to viruses. Often get random reboots and blue screen of death.

            Which even today is still true.

            Another advantage that Linux has that it was tottaly open source(I think) and free for download(Good luck downloading 600 Megs to 2.4 gigs for the OS).


              I've got a huge library of Windows software. I'm not too keen on running another OS.

              Of late I have learned it is no longer necessary for you to click on any of those "Click Yes to continue" boxes in order to have software installed on your computer. You can click on a link and suddenly find a dozen new sites pop up in a split-second. Meanwhile, all sorts of software has been uploaded and installed on your computer in the background. Even disabling Java and ActiveX is not enough to protect your PC from hostile web sites.

              You can't disable this stuff with msconfig. Their Registry entries are spread out so that there are multiple instances of load commands. While you can uncheck a startup app in msconfig, it will simply re-appear after you reboot.

              Some of these applications are hidden to the point that you will never find all the Registry entries without the help of third-party software, such as Adaware or SpybotS&D. Even after I thought I had everything removed, and had no evil background processes running, those programs found over 60 instance of spyware & adware still on my computer.

              What blows my mind is how weak Internet Explorer security really is. That it allows web sites to install software on your computer without permission is unforgivable.


                Just a quick note: once you're using FF, Spybot isn't needed as it's only advantage in terms of detection over Ad-Aware is ActiveX and toolbars that don't install on anything but IE.


                  I'm sorry, but what is FF? Is it FireFox?

                  I've been using MyIE2, because Mark Rein recommended it some time back. But it seems to me nothing more than a shell for IE. It's not a new browser; it just adds extra fuctionality to IE.

                  I wonder if FireFox by itself can really block spyware, adware, and browser hijackers.

                  Also, an underlying concern is how all of this security software will affect my UT2004. I can't stand for something eating up my bandwidth or CPU cycles.


                    FF = FireFox

                    You are 100% correct about MyIE.

                    Yes, because they are all written for IE, or just plain blocked. It destroys ads to with the adblock extension.


                      Just a note, msconfig will not show *everything* in the startup group and it is not included with win2k.

                      Routers are fairly good hardware level firewalls, but they dont usually monitor traffic and have application level control on whether or not something on your machine can access the net. If you exercise smart computing, you wont need an additional firewall to monitor your programs if you are behind a router. Ideally, it is a good idea to install one if you want more application traffic control.

                      However, if you are not behind a router it is VERY advised to install a firewall. Else, you get what you deserve.

                      Anyway... There is no such thing as 100% online security (just close to it with excessive cost), and if you want 100% security, you must physically disconnect all network cables, isolate your machine in an EMI shielded room with excellent quality locks. Vault locks are fairly good...


                        I vote for installing FiarFux as well.