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Listen Server Problems

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    Listen Server Problems

    I set up a listen server for me and a mate to practice on. He gets 70 ping, and I get 0. The only problem is, his character seems to warp around? Like, as he moves around the character is all shaky and jittery.

    To fix this, I had to run a dedicated server instead and have us both connect to it. However, this gives me a ping of 20-30 and him, a ping of 100.

    Is this a known problem? Is there any to way to fix this.

    AMD XP3200+
    1024M PC3200
    9600XT EXTREME


    Is it really laggy, or does his charater look like it's moving around at about 10FPS?

    I believe this has to do with the client net tickrate... would probably have a crapload of info on it.


      The best solution is to run a dedicated server with a high tickrate. This will put more stress on your system though.

      Put quite simply, listenservers just are more trouble than they're worth.


        The thing is though, listen servers = less ping for both of us.