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help us getting a former clan back on the rise!

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  • help us getting a former clan back on the rise!

    well some of you might remember {OD}... it was a great clan, it fun in it, we all felt like brothers in it. we loved the clan very much but something went wrong, members started leaving, one of the leaders quit, stuff like that...

    we want to see if any of you even want this clan back. we want over 100 signatures to help out and know if we should start building a new clan. help us!

    any signature will be appreciated

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    wtf lol


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      Re: help us getting a former clan back on the rise!

      Originally posted by hydro
      "it fun in it"



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        sorry typing mistake... im just very tired its 00:00 here... i meant it was fun in it.


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          Most clans who don't take the game too serious have a lot of fun as a team. I can relate on the whole brotherhood ordeal. But you shouldn't look for our opinion as to whether or not this clan should make a come back. That's up to you and your people.


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            This is a wind up.... right ?


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              Hmm where's the petition that u stay retired?


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                You´re\were a clan right?Its up to you to get together again right?
                Why would people not involved really care?
                Not flaming you or anything.
                And what will signatures on a petition accomplish? :bulb:
                Either you want to continue to be the clan you were or you dont,maybe i´ve missed something.


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                  who cares ?