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Are People offended by auto-taunt?

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    Originally posted by C44U
    have some pie.
    Dam you now I'm hungry!:cry:


      Originally posted by undrtakr
      Dam you now I'm hungry!:cry:
      so you don't turn "****" off?


        Originally posted by The5thviruz
        This thread was bumped because....???


          Hate the auto taunts. Especially when you have got yourself a nice killingspree or somethingand when you are almost death, but did very nice, then some auto taunt guy comes and flak spams you to death, only to hear 'is that your best?' or 'you suck'.


            they don't offend me cause I have them turned off. It works wonders.


              I m so busy to frag or getting fragged that i dont pay attention to auto-taunts. Mine is on by default, i dont really care cause i dont understand most what they say anyways (no english native).
              I can only understand writen english (not spoken).
              Once in a ONS game i lose the match, and in the end was this player spamming "Loser" it was very annoying...
              I wish there was a "STFU" taunt too for this occasions

              Beside this all, i miss UT GOTYE taunts....
              i so loved the "Ha ha ha" and "Bite me!"... miss thos


                I think that "I'm on your team" is actually a pretty useful taunt, in comparison to the others. It's just a quick heads up.


                  Originally posted by placebo
                  I think that "I'm on your team" is actually a pretty useful taunt, in comparison to the others. It's just a quick heads up.
                  depends... if you're using a weapon with a huge area of effect... not very.


                    Originally posted by Gaal Dornik
                    If those players cannot figure out how to turn them off, they deserve to be autotaunted

                    It's not hard to annoy most gamers. It's not very difficult to push them into a murderous rage, a la Columbine High School. I think it's the age.

                    It's not your job to turn your auto-taunts off. They are built into the game, you paid for them, you should use them if it makes you happy.

                    Anyone who is annoyed by it can turn taunts off on their end. I have them off, myself, so I don't have to cry like a baby when someone else has his turned on.

                    You might want to bind a say command to a key with instructions on how other players can turn off taunts on their end. Alternatively, you can bind something like, "Do I need to wipe your butt for you, too, little baby?" That should get their attention.

                    Originally posted by meKilgore
                    And I do complain about it when I hear someone spamming auto-taunts.
                    How do you spam an auto-taunt? By definition, the game generates them after a kill -- not the player. The only way to "spam" them would be to kill continuously.

                    If someone has audio taunts bound to a key and is banging away on it intentionally, then he is spamming -- but it's not an auto-taunt that way, is it? It's just an audio taunt bound to a key, like a say command or weapon switch. And the guy spamming it is being a tool.


                      Originally posted by bobdole235
                      they don't offend me cause I have them turned off. It works wonders.
                      How do you turn off other people's auto taunts? I thought you could only turn off your own. Or turn off taunts altogether - which I don't wanna do.

                      Auto taunts are lame - it does wind me up when some *** gets a lucky kill and you get 'you fight like Nali' or 'loser' when you've been whupping his *** up till then :sour:

                      Turn them off ffs!


                        sort of OT, but isn't there some mod or mutator out there that you have to get your frags by humping your opponents with the hip-thrust taunt?

                        "In position!"


                          I actually wrote this yesterday in response to a thread that got deleted right after I posted...

                          ... I just wanted to post it because I don't want to feel like I wasted my time (although, it is obvious that I did).


                          [some old fart]

                          I turn off taunts. I don't use them. I don't hear them. I don't talk smack, as it is refered to, nor do I care to hear it from every little kid who's popped a ***** over the idea that they can flap their lips online and say things that'd get them beat to a pulp if they said it to someones face in real life. It's old. It's boring.

                          Do what you want however.

                          Swearing in a game about killing !? Not the same thing. Swearing has an affect on people. I'm a professional. I can't afford to let some words enter my vocabulary. Exposure to words increases the chances of that happening, at least for me. I recall one summer working as a grunt (I was just 16) for a moving company. I took some of the language I heard there home with me... lets just say that my parents were not impressed. I was not impressed either.

                          Maybe I'm old, or maybe I'm arrogant, or maybe I'm just a wuss... I don't know, but I have found that people that can not speak without the casual swears creeping into their words come across as morons and simpletons. I don't want to be that person. It diminishes you as a person. Is it fair to be judged this way? Perhaps not, but that's the way it works. Suck it up.

                          Back to the killing. It's a game. I know it's a game. I turn off the gibs and other **** too. There are Rocket Launchers and Lightning Guns and Plasma Thingies, etc. I'm not likely to accidently pull out my Link Gun and fry somebody on the street because I play UT2k4. I am, however, more likely to let words slip when angry or upset that I shouldn't.

                          The swearing affects me. The violence, doesn't... at least, not that I've noticed.

                          Your Milage May Vary... but the swears affect ME more than I want, and I'd venture a guess that they affect you more than you'd care to admit.


                          [/some old fart]


                            i always have mine on...i usually play DM so if people don't like it...suck it .. if i'm playing a serious 1on1 map or sumthin like that i'll turn them off though. But i think they're all in good fun


                              Auto taunt don't bother me i never hear it coz i never die!!! :up:

                              No seriously, i have no problem with it because i don't have the sound on i listen to the Quo instead to get me PUMPED.