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I just bought a server!!

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  • I just bought a server!!

    Vîrtüally|Twæked|Oût «» East Coast IG Server
    That's the name!
    That's the IP
    It's public so if anyone wants to try it out go for it. It's run by located in Virgina so it should be a good east coast server for everyone I hope.

    I want to put a mapvote mod on the server so I was wondering if someone could tell me like where I could find all the diffrent mapvote mods out there and also how I would go about installing one on my server...

    Hope you all ping good at my new server!

  • #2
    me thinks I will get about 120 ping on that server dunno tho cos I don't play 2k3 anymore :\. Use google for the map vote etc just don't make it TTM!!!


    • #3
      I tried google.. i even tried on this forum.. im not finding anything to help me install mapvote on my recongaming server.... :bulb:


      • #4
        Recongamer have good servers, I play on that one that plays citadel forever, and has no score limit sometimes and I always ping good.

        About your mapvote thing try asking recongamer they might know how to do it.


        • #5
          heres mapvote
          From what I remember server instructions should be in the supplied readme file.


          • #6
            Check this out, maybe you will find something here.
            Also, you may want to load up AntiTCC 108.
            Good luck.



            • #7
              We use recongamer there cool guys.. you shouldnt have any probs getting support


              • #8
                How did it cost to get that server online, I want to have one but I don't know the cost.


                • #9
                  depends on what you want...



                  • #10
                    i know vto

                    I dont know if you remember me though I used to play as "|"ropi<
                    or something crazy like that lol.


                    • #11
                      yeaaaaaaaah... I remember you... Didn't you borrow that AMD 2700+ from me? Mind if you give me that back my 1700 OC'ed to 1.903 isn't cuttin it anymore!

                      No sorry I'm kinda new to vTo so I don't remember you