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    For me, I'll generally get as close as I can and fire it straight at the node. Generally, I'll try to be behind cover when I do it. Bailing from a raptor and shooting in mid air, and landing behind cover (Severence is PERFECT for this) is my best tactic. Even if I nuke myself, the reward is still worth it if it was the enemy prime (especially if some of the defenders also died).

    Firing a redeemer from further away makes it much more likely for someone to stop it. I've actually saved nodes from being nuked by hitting the node itself with a tank shell, and disabling the nuke through splash damage.


      Originally posted by Firebert View Post
      i always dumb fire it (except for once yesterday i manualed and i got shot while guiding it) its just too easy to stop when its coming in from a long way's away, and you're vulnerable, i usually get close with a manta or raptor, shoot it, and make an attempt to get away, but if i die i've done what needs to be done

      DUM = SMART
      then that means bots are smart because bots always dumbfire deemers