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So, Onslaught's a nice addition, what's next...?

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    I always thought about...

    If you've ever played ONP for UT you would know it takes some time to finish. Now I use to play it with mates online and we would finish it in a few hours because there was 8 of us and since 1 was admin we could overdo it. But I always thought of making a map the size of the whole ONP game and put a flag on each end and see how fun it would be and how it would turn out with 32 players on it but UT was old before I got to it.

    Anyone else think this might be fun?


      Originally posted by swirlymonkey
      what's the diff??
      20 something relics (in creeper mode, really well balanced..normal RealCTF uses just 4) Beamer (translocator is a crappy attempt to copy it's function), loads of gameplay tweaks which is balanced so much better than UT CTF is.
      That's not a lot of changes and it would make UT CTF so much better imo...It's sad that the UT2 version of RealCTF got canned