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    12.9 GB. o_O


      Originally posted by AoA Reclaimer
      33.4 gigs


      You must have EVERY single mod, mutator, Map, sound, animation, texture, static mesh, Ogg File EVER CREATED!!!

      Plus You could also have a **** load of demos too...


        AoA Reclaimer 33.4 gigs

        I thought I was nuts having 12 GB


          Im sitting at around 6gigs. Thats all I have for that partition, and 2k4 is all that is on it.

          Im going to do a reinstall for some spring, er.. summer cleaning soon.

          Ive got alot of leftovers since 2k4 came out and most of it is in the real hard area to clean out, the texture folder...

          What the game really needs is a way to list a specific map, mute, or mod and delete all of the files that they are parent to. It needs to do this if the mod was installed using the said program or not. this would be the most handy tool for the UT2kX series ever made for those who use alot of custom content. All it has to do is detect and scan non default main files and then find thier dependants.

          Ive yet to see this for UT2k4.


            Something like 13.2 Gb ATM.


              Just under 10 GB now: 9,13 GB (9.804.832.768 bytes).

              It was close to 15 GB with all the mods. But I cut it down severly about a week ago. All I got installed now is:

              - UT2004 retail (doh)
              - CBP 2 vol. 1 and 2
              - 1on1 mappack
              - Alien Swarm
              - Chaos UT
              - Jailbreak
              - Frag.Ops
              - Some costum maps for UT2k4 and the installed mods

              Hopefully I can add these things later, when they are released (in no particular order):

              - Flag Pack
              - Defence Alliance 2
              - XMP for UT2004
              - StrikeForce 2004
              - Unreal Fortress Evolution
              - Some more ownage costum maps


                I dont know, but i have UT2003 on the same drive with all its muts, mods and maps as well and a whole load are duplicated in both folders argggg, then i have all of the downloads still within there original zips just in case of emergency.

                anyone know why we could not set up a path as in DOS or if we can?
                sure save so much space:up:


                  I too save the keepers.

                  Im going to start burning them to disk as soon as there is some sort of confemation that there will be no major engine change for awile. Right now there is no point to save alot of files that might not work in less than 6 mo.

                  Just say no to UT2k5...
                  Alllow the UT2kX series to get a backbone!!


                    Biggest game ever that's for sure !



                      6.9GB (I haven't downloaded many mods or maps since reinstall )