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    Originally posted by -Loric-
    There are more Assault maps with vehicles than without.
    I am striving for a few more on-foot only maps where you need to figure out some cool jumps to be able to use shortcuts and such.

    Convoy is very rich with jump opportunities, and to me it's the best map because of that.
    cosigned! :up:


      nice to know that there a more people that find maps without or not many vehicles better


        Originally posted by FireCrack
        But the goliath will absorb alot more damage than the sinfantry will. Get the point?
        True, but the foot solders can take out the turrents without ever getting hit by them.

        Hint: Peek around corners, the turrents cant get a line to hit you, thier fire will splash harmlessly agansed the crates, or to the other side. This works with all turrent types. You burn alot of ammo, but not one single death from them.

        I hardly ever die from turrent fire, and when I do its cuz I poke my dumb **** head out too far. Player support fire is much more deadly.