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Poll: HEADSHOTS in InstaGib....

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    There was a mutator that did this exactly for Ut2003, I think they might of released it for UT2004 also, heres where I got the UT2003 version, check the mutators section to see if you can find it for UT2004...


      Hey hey, I found it!

      It's called *XxInstagibxX*. It's actually 4 mutators, providing standard and modified versions of the Insta and ZoomInsta rifles... it changes the model, which is kind of a drag, but at least it's a cool looking black version of the 2k3 shock rifle. :up:

      Standard rifles perform exactly like the normal thing, except... tadaa... headshots!


      Thanks, SealClubber and Turbity.

      BTW, IG + KarmaPropertyEditor mute = :haha::up:


        wot i wanna see, is that when you shoot with instagin in the leg that only the leg flies of

        or when you shoot the body, that the 2 lags still stand and the rest against the walls

        **** we are taking this way to reall...

        lets all jsut disable gore:weird: :bulb: :weird:


          I only play instagib when I feel like practicing my hitscan aim, so I think headshot notification would be really handy.


            If I hit the head in IG, I've hit too high. Going right for the middle of the body. So "Headshot!" in IG would be like telling me "You almost missed, dumbass!"


              Is the sound emphasi's not already emphasized on the body disintegrating ? and the head shot sound would make affect lame ,as it would be over powered by the chunk's sound wav.
              But if you like it ,try add it :up:

              1 would think nearly every shot is a head shot ,as shock rifle has a very accrete primary fire .Like un assisted lightning gun shot .


                Nah, it's a blast. Been playing around with it offline, out of 100 kills maybe 7- 10 were headshots. It's just kind of a little bonus, like "Heh... I really killed that guy!"


                  Originally posted by Turbidity
                  The only IG server i play on (i don't play IG often) has it on. looky:
                  Hey, that's my mutator!

                  Wait, no just the same headshot death message.


                    I fell bad for those who doesn't have a decent connection gettin pop shotted with my host shotty.

                    It sucks gettin shot from the back of the head.