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    PC Back.Problems

    so i lived thru 15 days of no ut2k4 :cry:

    anyway,i got my hard drive back,and i discovered i dint have avg,or firefox with me...i risked it,and tried to run ie and download avg.

    i got the remore procedure call shutdown thing that the blaster virus gives...

    i later installed zonealarm and nav,neither will open...

    now im trying to install avg,it wont install,it unzips,and then closes,just vanishes...

    same with zone alarm and norton..they come up and vanish..

    luckily the maker of this virus hates microsoft and likes mozilla,so i can stay online with firefox without the rpc thing coming up..but as soon as i switch to ie,it comes up and shuts down my system...

    also,i bought a new winxp home edition,but i cant register coz its giving me a cd key rite out of the box...
    plz help :cry:

    Not sure you can get to symantec, but try this:

    edit: Also, i believe you can stop the shutdown countdown by going to start -> run and typing "shutdown.exe -a" without quotes.
    edit 2: krill3 beat me to edit 1


      startmenu -> run -> type in shutdown -a

      That will remove the countdown thingy when it appears

      After learning that... go to windowsupdate and UPDATE!

      If you download all critical fixes the RPC stuff will stop


        thanx krill3,im sure glad ure online,plz stay for a few minuits more,if i encounter any problems,always help a ut bor,rite?

        problem:these stupid microsoft morons wont let windows update open in firefox

        damned fools,:regrettingly,and disgustedly opens ie:


          Also, keeping a copy of a firewall handy to install before you go on the net, then not allowing people to connect to programs like 'SYSTEM' 'Generic Host Processes' and 'runDLL32' will completely stop the problem, and probably a whole load more at the same time.


            Umm... don't you have to allow Generic Host Processes to connect to the Internet? Because, as soon as I block it from connecting, every website I try ot visit gives a "Page cannot be found error".

            I agree with blocking out the others, but I'm not in agreement with blocking out the GHP.


              ok,i downloaded,installed and rebooted my pc with all the updates.but im still not able to open zonealarm/install avg/open regedit/msconfig...

              plz help guys


                Quick Question-

                Will enabling the native XP firewall keep you from getting MSBlaster while you get online and download patches etc?

                Just curious as I'll be formatting soon and wondered if that would take care of the problem.


                  Originally posted by DarKnyt

                  Will enabling the native XP firewall keep you from getting MSBlaster while you get online and download patches etc?


                    I had this same problem recently. Here's what I did...

                    1. Reformatted the HD and reinstalled WinXP

                    2. Installed ethernet drivers

                    3. Went to network connections and enabled the native firewall.

                    4. Then did the Windows update thing and installed the rest of my drivers/apps.

                    I battled this problem for a couple of days before I got it figured out.

                    Good Luck! :up:


                      its no internet has slowed down,so has my pc...sigh,i guess ill be back when i go linux.

                      **** u microsoft,bunch of retards.

                      stupid bill gates...lets hope i can figure out linux


                        whu am i fooling,im never gonna go linux,can somone help me,plz?