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Where did all the onslaught players go?

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    Summer Holidays = HIGHEST NOOB FACTOR.

    Good luck.


      i haven't touched ons in a month. bombing run and deathball owns me


        Originally posted by badger_fruit
        :up: my favorite game mode now


          Yeah, I just got my server up and running again today. Stripped it down to being just a "Standard Server" hoping to get some activity. I got one connect this morning while testing it with a friend to make sure it was showing up on the Standard list, and i've gotten nothing since then.

          I've gone from DM->ONS and still no activity, even with stock maps


            i've been playing on Flak's InstaGib Zoom JailBreak server.

            totally awesome mutator! love the zooming of the instagib shock.

            also, i play at Unreal Playground... the games sometimes suck, but whatcha gonna do? i mean... ONS takes teamwork, and if youre playing with a bunch of morons, then i dont know what to tell ya...

            ONS would be awesome for clan matches... but i dont know any clans that are ONS players...


              I've been playing here (very good competition as of late):

              the-moat ONS Server (see my sig)

              Currently only 14 players but its a nice a change of pace from Cains.....
              Only thing I don't like about Cains is when you have 32 players on Primeval or such, its more a spamfest than actual team anything.....


                i'm still an ONS junkie. was looking at getting back into ctf but this keeps dragging me back to it. buddy me *PaintM* and you should fine me under one of my usual names.

                don't mind schooling some noobs once and awhile. in the process they learn something and soon they become one less noob out there.


                  Originally posted by [MON]PointBlank
                  They all went to Frag.Ops :noob: :up:

                  that mod owns.


                    Originally posted by [NBS]Flak
                    Yeah summer happened. 3 of my playing buddies are off on vacation. Happens every year.
                    That and CPL is around the corner, and there are several leagues and ladders kicking off in other gametypes... hence decreased interest in ONS by allot of the clanners as they prep up into other gametypes.

                    People will be back.


                      In a word? Bleh, howabout an acronym....