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Patch degraded performance - any ideas?

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    Did you know...

    ...that a PCZ TDM server is back up! We're trying to get it back to how it was, but it's been a low process informing people

    Folk who frequent now :

    Dread (although he's an instagib fan now)
    Killer_UK (he'll kick yer *** now he's on Broadband!)

    There's more - ive just forgotten Unfortunately, no bots are enabled, so there is no enticement for someone to stay when it is empty.

    You'll also find these guys at the Atari TDM servers - look around.

    By the way, you NEVER play as MyValentine - I know because its been on my buddies list since day 1. As for me, Im always on (much to the better half's annoyance) - not too hard to find if you need to!

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    Thanks for the tips guys, I appreciate it. I forgot to mention that after trying unsuccessfully to find the cause of this performance drop I re-loaded the old patch (the 1st one) to see if I could get the smoothness back. It didn't work. I suppose that would indicate that either

    (1) the problem is nothing to do with the patch (which is a bit concerning ...), or

    (2) if it IS the patch then whatever ini settings have changed have been kept when I went back to the 1st patch :bulb:

    I'll try all of the advice you've given. Thanks again

    Oh, and hi Bawsy Add 'lazy|gun' and 'MyValentine' to your buddies. It'd be nice to kick your bum again I haven't seen you online for ages ...

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    I´ve never been a patch whiner,but this patch is not good for my game,my ping goes from 30 to 70 all 3 seconds which causes massive lag.I have no ad-aware and it worked perfect before.It lags horrible :down:

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    How odd.

    Remove the ut2004.ini and user.ini files from your c:\ut2004\system folder, and load the game. Without reconfiguring the settings, try and play a game and see if it goes away.

    If not, put your ini files back. If so, then delete the old ini files and reconfigure the game from scratch, in stages.

    You may come back across the setting which caused it.

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    So you do still play online.

    I wonder if I've played you unknowingly You sure are one sly person!

    Personally, Ive not noticed any performance difference with the patch. Something had checked the 'reduce mouse lag' option, and this threw me greatly, but I dont think it was the patch - must have been the wee bro (certainly wasn't the wife!). Worth checking though.

    Now, what is your new online nick???? You can PM and tell me, your secret would be safe!

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    The ini's were not overwritten, only areas that needed to be within them.

    Could be time for a defrag and scandisk, to open up the case and do some dusting, maybe even a reinstall. Ill be doing a full reinstall soon myself to clean out alot of the files that have built up. These games really need a good uninstaller. UDelete where are you!!!!

    Its possible that the patch did change a game file to where your settings are no longer optimized. It might be ini play time again.

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  • started a topic Patch degraded performance - any ideas?

    Patch degraded performance - any ideas?

    Morning all,

    I installed the patch on Tuesday evening and immediately noticed a decline in performance in online (and, to a lesser extent, offline) games.
    The problem is that there is a noticeable lag between pressing fire and the gun actually firing. This occurs on all of my favourite servers which previously ran fine. It also happens offline but is less noticeable. It just doesn't feel right.

    I didn't back up my ini's prior to d/loading. However, my inis have been kept as they were for some reason -- all my keybinds, cache settings etc etc are intact. Is this normal? I thought they were overwritten?

    Does anyone have any idea what may have caused this? I've ran adaware, spbot and so on and there's nothing there. All I can think of is that it must be the patch.


    p.s. This is not a "OMGWTF EPIC FIX!!!!1!" thread. I'm sure the patch is fantastic. Unfortunately for me, though, something isn't quite right. Thanks in advance.