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Your first UT2003 memories?

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    KARMA! that was first...
    then the gold inset in the walls in BR-Anubis. that awed me


      I remember my friend gave me Unreal cos they where throwing it away and I liked it but couldn't get online with it, and loved to play the bot-match, I played it online with Dreamcast once and loved it, so went out and bought UT2K3, and its one of the best.


        Originally posted by A2597
        hmm...KARMA! that was first...
        :up: Karma is still way cool in my book.

        Kinda hard to remember my very first thing about UT2k3 because it gets kinda mixed up with the early Unreal2 stuff.

        One of the things I really back in the "two weeks" days when Cliff started a thread topic saying "The demo" and inside the his post was "it's not done yet "

        ((LOL)) The whole forum exploded like a bomb had gone off and his thread hit like 7 pages in 5 min. before he finally took the thread down.

        I still get a kick out of that 1


          Trying to figure out the adrenaline combos - that was fun. Also, I remember playing with a nice, polite group of people, which made the game all that more enjoyable.


            The first video that demonstrated teh karma system. *******, I remember saying "that almost looks real"

            Moving grass video


              First I ever saw of it was probably ElecField screens, as for the game .... the demo .


                yeah i thought the game looked cool and i thought it would play like UT...

                oh boy was i wrong!


                  The first ?
                  That would be a combination of the Karma-demo-movie (ooh look at him fall ... that must hurt) and the 'el Nino'-soundtrack (same video?).
                  Plus there's that video with that german guy telling Mark to 'taunt' instead of 'wave goodbye' ...

                  Before that there were the previews which mentioned a virtual tournament for off-line games and using 'health-stations' instead of medpacks for health.


                    First memory is probably:
                    "It comes on HOW MANY CDs??!!!"

                    Swiftly followed by admiring the sports intro (replete with cheesy commentators) and thinking: "This game is going to ROCK!!!", before actually playing it and hating it for the first three months, before I finally saw sense and learned how to play for real.


                      Pre-demo: reading about Karma and then downloading the Karma demo, it was impressive and whetted my appetite.

                      Demo: set up Flashget to download over my old 56k connection whilst I was at work, got home to discover it had only managed about 1 meg before my internet connection got cut off. Finally played it the next day, and have to admit that I hated it. For some reason it defaulted to low detail and low-quality textures, and it looked awful. However, after a bit of tweaking and practice I learned to love it.