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Your first UT2003 memories?

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    ****, this runs like **** on my Celeron 533 with 1GB PC100 RAM and a Geforce 2 MX400...even trimmed back to the max.

    I've somewhat resolved the hardware shortcomings, but it's still a beefy game that requires a beefy rig.


      bugz lots o' bugz

      (v908) no skinz fubar models and static meshes with collision volumes 4m in all directions

      it was impossible to walk from side to side in most maps due to invisible collision stuff


        The video of DM-Gestalt. With the song 'Unreal' by Ill Nino.

        It had such a mysterious feel back then...


          Originally posted by CLU3L4SS
          Then there was the movie with the water/karma effects (like a wall of water) that again never made it into the game.

          anyone notice a trend of us all being sold on stuff that never made it into the game :weird:
          Yes, that video definitely wowed me, and yes, I bought the game partly based on stuff that never made it in

          (Booo @ Epic, but yay at a cool game, and a reserved yay for UT2004... what 2k3 should have been)


            Magazine previews of Unreal Tournament II, beginning of 2002. Egyptian maps, nightmare species, ElecFields, green gas from the link gun... I was in love...


              I remember....
              being owned constantly cuz it was my first FPS ever I felt like everyone could move way faster then me for some reason I didnt understand back then. The revelation of how the TL worked was stunning


                Seeing a screenshot of some map in UnrealED from someone that had the leak. I knew I would get hoocked.. then I discovered static meshes.. *mumble*stupid non-modeling skills*mumble*


                  I remember playing on Anubis in demo and i reckon thats my first remembarence


                    My First Tower Shot on Skyline


                      my first memory was watching that vid of curse three, and being awed by the polygons,

                      ...also, it was funny watching mark rein play


                        My UT2003 Memories

                        Pre Demo:

                        I remember back in June or July last year (the lifespan sure was short, hmm...) someone on irc said "theres a translocator poll at INA" and I went over to vote and was shocked with posts like "remove the translocator!" and "god I hate that weapon" so indeed some of us started saying "just learn how to use it properly and you'll love it" This started a flame war between the experienced and the noob - my first taste of what INA was to become. The thread was ended by a DE employee who said "there will be no more abuse of the spammy translocator."
                        I got a sinking feeling and started to get the clue that 2k3 was doomed before it even started.

                        I tried the 927 leak and sure enough the translocator was nerfed. The angle of fire was effed, you cant really it use in the UT style where on face you used to be able to TL from the middle of the map to the deemer window without touching the ground. I did find an exploit where I could "bounce" the TL on top of a teammates head and it would stay. :haha: We had some fun times playing ctf, we'd all pile our translocators on top of the main O guy, hed run to the enemy base and wed all spawn on top of em and pound their base to hell. 927 has a better feel to it than 2k3 does today - I think the characters have higher eye hieghth or the maps were smaller or something. Of course epic knows that 927 was literally everywhere: ftps, xdcc, kazza, bear websites etc.

                        Demo released

                        A lot of old school UTers played it for a few days and gave up, we were really disapointed that "relics" (adreneline) were included in stock gameplay and needed to be turned off for a real skill match. I spent more time playing BR. (I always liked the mod it was stolen from) Everyone goes back to good ol UT ctf. We thought the only weapon that was "UT like" was the rocket launcher. The fisher price shockrife with no power and unbelieveably slow secondary rate of fire estranged a lot of UT players and I mean a LOT. More INA flames about the shock rifle comence. The flak cannon - LOL - what a joke, the secondary becomes one of the most spammed weapons of all time in ctf.

                        Game released

                        I beat the game on Masterful the first day. The music was a little disapointing, I really hoped UT would continue with the electronica format, it really added to the "something unique" quality that UT and Unreal has. I bite the bullet and join a clan for some ctf thinking I'll get used to it. We join a ladder. The ladders accept adreneline as part of CTF matchplay. We and a few others protest. Matchplay commences. Adreneline ends up causing very one sided gameplay, the first to cap with speed usually wins. After that first grab, the defence tries to catch the speedflag and usually cant (unless he hangs on a static mesh somewhere) meanwhile the enemy has another hiding nearby our flag and grabs as soon as the last flag is capped (saving his adreneline) rinse, repeat. Eventually we quit the ladder disgusted with the so called leets using the excuse that adreneline "is part of ut2003, you just cant hang with us, we are teh bestest!!" Armor stacking is abused - nobody does anything about it. Epic did lots of interviews about 2k3 before release stating "its really a very team oriented game and will be supported at the major tourneys" WCG and the CPL only have 1v1 for ut2003. Oh well, it was a longshot that a game other than counterstrike would get any team support at a major tourney. wasnt cliffy quoted as saying "deathmatch is so 1990s?"

                        Ok so then, I thought I'd get into map making for 2k3 cuz lets face it, there was maybe 3 or 4 ctf maps that were any good outta the box. I grab a UT classic that is still played to this very day in matchplay: November Clan Edition and remove all UT content down to a wireframe, transform permanantly and scale up to 1.3. I learn a lot in the process, I start to enjoy map making and consult a very talented UT and 2k3 map maker Larathiel. He shows me how to optimize properly and made me a static mesh of the sub for the middle of the map - yay! I get the map smooth on framerate and feels good in testing with a few of the more famous US 2k3 players. The textures are all aligned, the meshes are looking good. Lighting was the most complex thing of all - you can make the most visually appealing and awesome layout but if the lighting is ****, it kills the whole thing. I tried to use a trigger to change the lighting over the flag to change to an effect where it would turn red and rotate when the flag was taken but you cant, 80% of peoples rigs are too slow to be able to handle it. Maybe I'll try it again after everyone has 9800s or better. I release the map, it is flamed by that same "you cant hang with us, we are teh bestest!!" clan leader and it is ignored. Once again hard work is rewarded with flames.

                        I really tried to give the game a chance, I tried to ignore the bugs and play anyways but, its just not fun. I'll try 2004 but I have no expectations of it being much different.


                          Guess I'm a thread killer...


                            The Air headshots, Air rockets, Air flak shells, Air shock balls, Air goo and Air grenade. (yes frags )


                              Few short things, the sphere in the alpha version that was killed in the full game somehow, the bright looking DM-Anatalus map, The Flubber thingie on DM-Curse3 on one of the vids, Burning the UT2003 demo on cdrom... The karma video with rolling body's and tons, and vehicles that should have been in UT2k3 but can only find back in a hanging lamp on BR-Slaugtherhouse, And ehh trouble with finding the way on CTF-Geothermal


                                i never had nor wanted the leaks i waited and waited then i got the demo only played it like 2 hours and thought wow how far things have come..had to go out of town on business got back the day it was released bought installed it fired it up and saw gorge bust out of the Navidia add...lmao fired up instant action played for like 30 mins tweekin then just sat and wondered where is the UT part!!!!!