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Your first UT2003 memories?

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    Your first UT2003 memories?

    Ok, what were your first memories of UT2003; especially before the game came out. Your first screenshot seen, etc.

    I'll start - I remember seeing a headshot in a snowy BR map, and thinking "There's lightning doing that. I guess they added a new weapon that can headshot, as well as the sniper and ripper. Cool!"

    As I now know, I was dead wrong. Although, that's not neccesarily a bad thing. ;P

    Not having demorec and laughing about how buggy it was.

    But since ut2k3 is a great game after patches, i'd say playing [CF] in FCC ctf tournament, and all 3 matches going to overtime, with me scoring the winning cap in the tiebreaker map. [most fun i've had playing a game...ever]


      The furthest back I can remember, I think this was before playing the leaks. I saw a video of these kickass hover like vehicles flying around, which of course, isnt in the game :|

      Also, this one guy shooting another guy with a rocket launcher who was running, somthing so simple, it amazed me.


        “So... many... polygons...”


          If there reall was a good memory, it was seeing the whole entire UT comunnity and then some one little channel by the name of #ut2003 at ETG for the release of the demo! It was absolutly the most insane thing I have seen online! There was so many people in that channel! Nuts!


            Double jumping in Antalus when the demo came out. Dj just seemed weird back then.


              No voice select option? No health packs? No armor? WTF? F off!!!

              But then I slowly came around.


                Well the 1st thing that made me think this game would be something special while the game was in development was a short movie from BR-DE-ElecFields which as we know never made it into the final version and when we did get it turned out not to be very good. Then there was the movie with the water/karma effects (like a wall of water) that again never made it into the game.

                The 1st thing that made me go wow when playing was my 1st goal on aunbis falling down the pit lmfao at the karma.

                anyone notice a trend of us all being sold on stuff that never made it into the game :weird:


                  My strongest memory is:

                  Watching the Trailer with the "...welcome back some old friends, and mabe some new ones..."

                  And then watching someone get a HEAD SHOT throught the scope of the Lightning gun, and most importantly, they head BURSTING into flames, and the body jolting up, and falling over with karma physics!!!

                  I WANTED A HEAD SHOT LIKE THAT



                    seeing the flames come out of the bodies.....

                    I was O............M...............G.... :up:

                    ...and then.... I saw the Doom 3 footage...


                      Oh yeah! O_O I forgot about this one. In the demo, with BR-Anubis... I jumped down that thing just to watch the karma, and the first 5 times I did it, he landed right on his groin, and just stayed there. I thought it was rigged. A week later, I tried to show my best friend, and not only didn't it work, but it's never happened since. :weird:


                        "****, this runs like **** on my VooDoo5.

                        ..wait wtf WTF IT DOESN'T RUN AT ALL! "

                        I had to wait a few extra weeks for the first demo patch. Apparently someone screwed up the code for VooDoo cards while optimizing code for another card.

                        My first thought after playing was, "Wow, I wonder what I can do with the level editor."


                          Hmmm. I had mixed feelings from the bad memories UT1 left.

                          But on some web page they talked about doing combos and all I could think about was doing three or four piece moves that resulted in a spectacular spray of your opponents body parts. Hehe..


                            Mine was when I clicked Remove in the Add/Remove Programs list in WIndows XP!

                            ...then it was back to UT...ahhhhhh

                            Hopefully UT2004 will have an even better memory


                              Your FIRST memory is deleting it?

                              Wow! Now there's a paradox.