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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Current Standard Server Whitelist

    Originally posted by joepjens
    Because the core of the game is still the same, the hitbox is the same iirc.

    utcomp changes a few things, like bs, hitsounds and force model. So they change the core of the game, the weapon balance is different with utcomp. So it's not on the whitelist.
    Yeah, the hitbox is the same with Big Head - but there's no longer any correlation between the hitbox and its graphical representation. That's way non-standard in my book. UTComp may add brightskins and hitsounds, for example, but it retains the coordination of the hitbox with the onscreen character model; Big Head totally decouples the two.

    I see the reasons for not including UTComp, though I'm not in agreement. I really don't see how Big Head can be justified, though. It's at least as serious a change as UTComp brightskins, and unlike brightskins it actually interferes with play.


      Originally posted by MG-Ganwick
      :up: :heart:


        Originally posted by supernewbie
        zound ?
        NO! OH GOD NO!


          Why the hell are Big Heads, No Adrenaline and No Superweapons on the whitelist .... those all change core gameplay. (rule #1)

          Oh wait - its 1 set of rules for epic, and another for everyone else.


            ECE Bonus Pack Vehicles Replacer on whitelist?

            Any chance that this Mutator (ECE Bonus Pack Vehicles Replacer) makes it on the whitelist? It works much better then the EPIC Bonus Pack Vehicles Replacer and it can add the new bonus vehicles to custom maps as well (and not only to the Epic Standard maps).




              ut2vote added back


                Originally posted by Frogger
                that one for sure won't be. It was specifically mentioned as so..
                ya sucks. if bighead can be in, i see no problem with green skins that you can actually see. the devs feel differently however. if server admins would just enable the "use teamcolors" option then it would be a 100% better imo. and the other big issue they have is hitsounds. I think at least line of sight hitsound should be fine, it doesn't really change gameplay, just gives you more feedback about how much damage you're doing, what's wrong with that? I mean are you really supposed to guess? Lag can be a tricky thing, I don't think guessing should be required.


                  The power core volume mutator is on the whitelist. :up:


                    ut2vote added back
                    UT2Vote Lite added back....

                    Why cant we get this or that added to the standard servers list? Because, as someome said earlier, Epic developers want newbies to experience the game as they created it, on standard servers, unmodified, clean, pristine (cough cough, like the demo)....

                    Now, one cannot help but wonder where this game would be without "nonstandard" servers and their nonstandard mods.

                    So, you have a choice. Experience it the way Epic wants you to play it, or, or, not.

                    Which way do you think the game should be played? Freedom of choice. You are the consumer. You bought the game. YOU have the power. :noob:


                      Originally posted by groovyjoker
                      UT2Vote Lite added back....
                      Actually UT2Vote Lite is something will be a simple voting interface only. UT2Vote 46 has all features, minus skins,hitsounds, and weaponshake... Included is UTExtra, which adds these back, but makes server non-standard.

                      but i agree 100% that without 'non-standard' servers, i'd never play this game.


                        Included is UTExtra, which adds these back, but makes server non-standard.
                        Well, isnt' that handy! I was wondering about support for the non-standard folks out there. Glad to see its still around! :up:


                          The problem that we server admins have with the 'standard server' checkbox is the fact that many people have no idea you need to uncheck it, even after viewing the message that pops up. I had a guy on my server just the other day who found it through this forum, and he asked why it wasn't visible in his server browser. I had to explain to him about the 'standard server' checkbox, and he was fairly surprised. He had been playing the game awhile as well.

                          Just go into your server browser and uncheck the box, and look at all the mod servers that are totally empty. And stuff that shouldn't take you off the list does so anyways (TA100 and MODOS are a few off the top of my head). Also, I notice that even if I take ALL mutators off, I run custom maps and I STILL can't get my server on the "white list."

                          Bottom Line, the 'standard server' checklist has done more to hurt this games popularity and **** off loyal server admins than it has in any way to preserve some "pristine" idea of gameplay.


                            Custom maps don't take you out of the standard servers list.


                              That's what I thought as well, but I have nothing else to blame it on. I have all server actors and mutators disabled, no custom content at all except maps, and I still have to uncheck the **** box for my server to show up in the browser. :sour:


                              ONS-Tricky has the "stunt" mutator built into the map, and takes you off the list. So I'm assuming other custom maps may have content that keeps you from appearing as well...


                                Originally posted by saur0n_1
                                add utcomp please