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    you forgot one guys: FoolMaster 2. Looking up further information is at your own risk, I dont take any responsibility :up:

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      BUMP 3 ---- please see post above Bump 1.


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          Gumbypants grow up ..... aaaand unsubscribe ...



            Originally posted by sourcexx
            Gumbypants grow up ..... aaaand unsubscribe ...

            Screw that man, I've been trying to get this issue resolved for a long time now. I have posted questions about this in numerous forums. I have been ignored by the Admins long enough. I am tired of being satisfied with a one sentence dismissal by EPIC employees simply because I have too much respect for the things they HAVE done for me. This isn't that hard of an issue. I let the vertical aiming in behindview go, but I won't let my favorite server lose a critical mutator because EPIC is unwilling to put it on the list...and what is even more aggravating is the fact that there is a list in the first place, with mutators like "BigHead" and "NoSuperWeapons" all of which change the gameplay... It really does seem like a double standard. Why is "BigHead" and "LightningGunReplace" allowed on the list and Satore not? Seriously, I'm tired of being overlooked. If this issue is going to be blown off by EPIC, than at least have a conversation with me about it and don't just ignore me or give me one sentence telling me why I'm wrong.


              I think it's time for a bump...

              Originally posted by Gumbypants
              I will keep pushing for this because it is really important.

              Why can't Satores Monster Pack be added to this list? THis is actually pretty frustrating. Sudreal is the best invasion server on the net, and the only reason it didn't use Satore to begin with was because of this little list, making it harder to get new players and more people playing if they didn't know about the standard server box at the bottom of their screen. Now the best Invasion server is contemplating taking this awesome mutator out just because it needs more players. Please Please Please just put this mutator on the list.

              I asked a question in the patch changelog forums about why Satore was not a default invasion setting...after all, the more monsters the better right? And why play invasion with Skaarj and not titans? The official Epic response I got was that it would take TOO much coding to make this mutator a standard option and "with a great mutator out there that does the work already what's the point?" Well, The point is to make it available to all players, not just the ones skilled enough to understand that the game comes with a filter to block out all mutators unless you check the box at the bottom. There is a Reason why we asked for this.

              Look, I know that invasion is not the most popular gametype, but Epic made it part of the game. They "Sometimes" listen to the suggestions from the DM community on how to make that gametype better so why not listen to us now. I'll bet that there is not one invasion player that will disagree with me. Since waves are configurable, having this mutator means you have only the ability to gain and nothing to lose. If you don't like these monsters, you don't have to use them, but at least you have the "option" of using them if you want, and for us Invasion players who loved U1, the experience just isn't the same without the queen/titan/Merc. Remember that the Satore monster pack ONLY adds monsters that were in Unreal 1 but left out of Invasion. Just please put the Satore monster pack on the whitelist, and if you decide not to please explain to me with well warranted arguments why you will not. Then we can have a discussion. I will continue to bump this thread until I get a response.


                we get it..:sour:


                  BBBBUUUUMMMPPPP Again...Patiently awaiting a response...



                    UadminMod added


                      ut2vote removed



                        Found the button yet? It alows you to edit posts to add more information so you dont end up making dubble posts and tripple posts as you have done countless times in this thread (which adds to your WL)

                        I wount report your posts since I belive it's best to reason instead of handing out punishments but please... stop the dubble posting. :sour:


                          Originally posted by supernewbie
                          why isnt slomo corpses on that list ???? :bulb:
                          Bleh. I hate slomo corpses, I'm always dodging around a corner and wasting a lightning shot directly in to a corpse. Very annoying.

                          However, I can see that you would have an argument for it since BigHead made the list...which I also don't think should be considered "standard".


                            The Satore Monster Pack rocks. I came across it by accident and the Titans scared the life out of me when they appeared. It makes normal weapon Invasion really really hard

                            I'm happy to say that the PowerCoreVolumeControl mutator has made the white list - which is great news.

                            Where is the definitive list? I'd have thought it would be available somewhere but I've not found it yet.


                              Re: Re: Current Standard Server Whitelist

                              Originally posted by Tropic
                              what the hell? lol.
                              Am I the only one who thinks this should not be on the list?

                              A server with Big Head is not what I call vanilla.
                              How the hell is Big Head standard but utcomp is only noob flame fodder? No reason not to add utcomp


                                What? UT2Vote was removed? Are you sure?

                                I know UT2VoteMulti was never whitelisted, which I find really annoying, but I don't see why they would remove UT2Vote from the whitelist...