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    Monkey Matrix Moves

    I have installed the mutator Monkey Matrix Moves and the self extractor has placed the files in the UT2004 file. So far so good. Here is the problem Once I start playing the game and reach the Where the adrenalin combo kicks in I click the assigned key for the MMM and continue playing.

    LIke why would he game shut down Total shut down and screen appears to submit a bug report.

    Not all bad because when i open the game again and play the same game the game plays without a hitch. :bulb: go figure. My guess is that the mutate is learning each game file in turn. Is anyone else facing the same problem and are solutions to this hiccough noted.



    Been out here to look for some input, guess I found what I wanted. Good link

    they finaly made this for ut2004? i only seen this for ut2003 so far.....?