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Epic: Include Cache Cleaner in 2k4?

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    I use both Abilio's and Sharkkiller's and they're both great. Abilio's is a stand alone program youy can d/l and just use, (it's not even zipped). SharkKiller's is the one of the only utils I have that survives reinstalling 2k3. Good job, I can't fault either of these.

    It might exist already but take a look at the import function in bot manager. You can install skins/models/umods from inside zip files with this. Very useful indeed but it doesn't work with maps though.

    I'd like to see custom skins and models(that are in use)downloaded to/uploaded from servers in 2k4. These could be cache cleaned also. Perhaps these can somehow be verified by their authors on a database to stop transparent and cheat skins being a problem.

    Originally posted by SharkKiller

    2. ZIP handling - UnZIP single or multiple ZIP files with screenshot view
    Enjoy it!

    Oops, I forgot to read that bit


      Thanks for the kudos!

      Like all of my utilities I began writing them to solve something that irritated me. I knew there would be others that would enjoy them as well.

      I have many new free programs coming out and one shareware program due out early next year..

      Thanks again...



        No reply from Epic on this yet so bumpity bump....

        Needs to not only delete the files, but remember manifest.ini installs so any single map/mute/mod can be removed and take all of its associated files with it.

        Deleting the cache is a space savor, but the ability to manage all of the files without third party software would be good. Doing it throught the GUI would be better.

        Id rather see this than a game clock


          Bump. I would really like to know about this.


            I received the official answer via email several weeks ago -

            "we will not be including a cache utility with the next release"


              The ********. This is such an obvious addition.