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UT2004 Killed UT2003 maps

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    Edited my post, Sorry about that its just the frustration talking.




      Wow unbelievable! This is the second forum post that I have endored relentless and worthless replies about ambient sounds and why you shouldn't use it for music. Pages and pages of completely useless opinions.. at least this one is under general discussions. I guess you could warrant all these useless opinions as a discussion but I looked at post under various help sections and I read same idiotic and worthless opinions.

      Its a simple question people. WHY DO THE AMBIENT SOUNDS RESTART WHEN YOU RESPAWN? Simple right? No where did I read a post that said hey what are your opinions on the ambient sounds restarting when you respawn?

      Its an issue and I would like it fixed! I payed for my UT2004, it wasn't given to me. I would like a response from atari saying one way or the other. Something like:

      We're not fixing it because its not broken.


      we can't fix it because of... (whatever)


      we're on top of that because you spend your hard earned money on our game and it should work correctly.


      I came in to the forum to look for a possible fix and I'm leaving with nothing but dissapointment.


        Originally posted by Mr Evil
        Music as AmbientSounds in maps is annoying in itself.
        normally i would leave the server If I couldnt shut off the crappy crappy music
        yes its true,not everybody likes mtv


          again thats why i said make ogg pushable, then just who ever doesnt want to hear music while playing just simply turns the music volume off


            The system needed to make downloading music optional is already in place.


            All the mapmaker has to do is Flag the package as ClientOptional. Then it's no longer required to join the server. It's also no longer required for demo playback. Yaaaaay everyones happy...

            In a post made here, they said ambient sounds would be fixed in a future patch. 4 patches have passed now and we're going on patch 5, still nothing. I'm sick of waiting!!


            It's the the last post on the page, click the next page over to read the response.