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ChaosUT2:PR3 is out!!!! [Mirrors inside]

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    ChaosUT2:PR3 is out!!!! [Mirrors inside]


    Look at the Chaos site for mirrors

    Its 216 MB (227.135.792 bytes) in size


    Some mirrors i found on a number of sites:

    Click here to go to the Bittorrent download page and download Bittorrent (please help seeding)

    If you have a mirror that isn't listed here and you would like to add it here then contact me.

    Here is the Readme:

    ChaosUT2:Evolution PR3 - Readme

    ChaosUT2: Evolution (aka 'ChaosUT2','CUT2','CUT2004'), the Chaos mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, was developed by Chaotic Dreams.

    ChaosUT2 URL:
    Chaotic Dreams URL:

    Table of Contents

    1. Requirements
    2. UT4MOD Installation
    3. Zip Installation
    4. Documentation
    5. MAC USERS
    6. Weapons
    7. Items & Features
    8. Cheat Commands & Keybinds
    9. Bug Reports & Feedback

    1. Requirements

    ChaosUT2 PR3 requires that you have UT2004 installed, with the following addition(s);

    *The official v3204 patch

    Two examples of where you can get official UT2004 files are;

    2. UT4MOD Installation

    Just run (double-click) the UT4MOD file and follow the instructions.

    Note: You will be prompted during the umod installation as to whether or not you wish to have the Chaos Mutator available w/o activating the Chaos mod. Note: either way, you can change this again manually by following the instructions for this under the Zip Installation section of this readme.

    Problems during UT4MOD installation

    - When I double-click the UT4Mod file, nothing happens or Explorer asks which program I want to open it with.

    Your .ut4mod file association is probably broken; that is a common problem and nothing to worry about too much. Check for ways to fix the problem.

    - I can start the UT4Mod installer, but it keeps complaining that I don't have Unreal Tournament 2004 installed.

    Assuming that you do have Unreal Tournament 2004 installed, that's just another common problem with UT4Mods. Make a backup copy of Manifest.ini in your System directory and create a new Manifest.ini with the following lines in it:


    Caption=Unreal Tournament 2004

    That'll make the UT4Mod installer rightfully believe that you do have Unreal Tournament 2004 installed. Please replace the version number with the version actually installed. After running the game at least once the version can be found in the file UT2004.log in the System directory.

    3. Zip Installation

    Usually you should just be able to point the zip to your main UT2004 folder, and it will extract correctly. However, if you have trouble, you can use these instructions to manually place the files:

    NOTE: The UT4MOD install is the way to go! Please only use the zip install if you know what you are doing!

    ChaosUT2 has it's own folder within UT2004, and inside there all Chaos files are put in their respective subfolders - with the exception of Music (ogg) files! They go in the standard UT2004\Music folder.

    ukx = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Animations
    ut2 = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Maps
    uax = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Sounds
    ini = UT2004\ChaosUT2\System
    u = UT2004\ChaosUT2\System
    usx = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Static Meshes
    utx = UT2004\ChaosUT2\Textures
    ogg = UT2004\Music
    int = UT2004\System

    And there are 2 .ucl files;

    ChaosGames.ucl = UT2004\ChaosUT2\System

    ChaosUT2.ucl = UT2004\System

    If you wish to start UT2004 with Chaos already 'activated', you can make a copy of your UT2004 desktop shortcut, and add this at the end


    Using the Chaos Mutator w/o Activating Chaos Mod. Chaos comes in both "mod" and "mutator" form. To use the ChaosUT2 mutator in normal UT2004, without activating the Chaos mod, simply open your UT2004.ini file, found in your UT2004\System folder, and add these lines in the [Core.System] section:


    And there is also a Chaos icon included in the ChaosUT2\Help folder. This way after a zip install you can still have a custom Chaos shortcut on your desktop, with it's own icon.

    4. Documentation

    Please refer to the documentation pages provided with CUT2 PR3.

    To open the CUT2 Docs, open the startme.html in the UT2004\ChaosUT2\Help folder. For additional information, please refer to the proper section of the CUT2 website.

    5. MAC USERS

    ChaosUT2 comes with a tool for installing and starting ChaosUT2 for MAC users.

    Just decompress the Mac.sit file and follow the instructions included within.

    6. Weapons in PR3

    Chaos Pulse Pistol ( aka CPP )
    Crossbow - w/ normal, poison, flaming, and explosive arrows
    Chaos Grenade Launcher - w/ normal, poison, flash, and napalm grenades
    The Claw2 - fires Laser Trip Mines, Proxy Mines, & Needlers
    The ChaosUT Tactically Enhanced Ripper - ( aka the C.U.T.T.E.R. )
    Multi-purpose Utility Gun ( aka the MUG ) - fires fire/ice/air
    Enhanced Rail Delivery Weapon ( aka ERDW )
    The Chaos Sniper Rifle v2 - w/ normal and Rocket Propelled Bullets
    Gravity Vortex Launcher
    The Chaos Turrets - large and small, with rockets & bullets for ammo

    Melee Weapons (for Chaos Game Types Only):
    Long Tooth Daggers
    Long Axe
    Double Axe
    ******* Sword
    War Hammer

    7. Items & Features in PR3

    King Of The Hill game type ( aka KOTH )
    Chaos Duel game type
    Chaos CTF - supports both vehicle and non-vehicle maps
    Chaos DM
    Grappling Hook
    Anti Gravity Belt
    Kamikaze - It has returned!
    DM Medals - special awards at the end of each ChaosDM match
    Chaos Armor Shards
    Jump Boots
    the Kick - ability to kick players and objects
    Spray Paint feature
    Low-health Heart Beat Sounds
    Lens-flare effect - on maps with Sunlight Actor
    Remote WebAdmin access to Chaos configs
    CUT2 Menus/Config Screens
    CUT2 News Tab in menu - regular updates from the Chaos team, right from inside your game!

    8. Cheat Commands & Keybinds

    If you would like to use a cheat command offline to instantly give yourself all the Chaos weapons at once, you may use these (one for 'normal' Chaos weapons, and one for melee):

    mutate madfragger

    mutate meleefragger

    The Chaos keybinds can be changed thru the GUI after installation, but if you would like to use the default keys just to see how everything works, they are as follows:

    Alt=Grappling Hook
    B=Anti-Gravity Belt On/Off
    G=the Kick
    H=Grappling Hook Up/Down
    X=Advanced Weapon Option
    Y=Drop Flag(s)
    Z=Change Ammo / Melee Stance

    9. Bug Reports & Feedback

    Please direct all bug reports and/or comments to the forums available at the ChaosUT2 website.

    The Chaos Team thanks you for trying our mod.



      hehehe downloading

      225 kb/sec. :up:


        gah, why now?!!!! it's like 5 AM here, oh well i'll download it when i get up later this morning (like noon as always )


          Just for once I'm glad I'm in the UK. Means all you "download mirror hogging" Yanks are in bed


            Originally posted by Unserene
            Just for once I'm glad I'm in the UK. Means all you "download mirror hogging" Yanks are in bed
            Harhar, just thought the same, though I'm not in GB.


              Originally posted by Unserene
              Just for once I'm glad I'm in the UK. Means all you "download mirror hogging" Yanks are in bed
              True, and we get to play it before them too


                Originally posted by Unserene
                Just for once I'm glad I'm in the UK. Means all you "download mirror hogging" Yanks are in bed
                Not me. (although I'm not really a Yank, I just live in the US)

                Nice avatar btw.


                  Me is in the UK fed up with having to wait until the next day to start a DL..


                    15% downloaded!


                      Originally posted by DUFFMAN!
                      Me is in the UK fed up with having to wait until the next day to start a DL..
                      Wahat do you mean wait for the morning, its nly just come out for everyone, or do you mean the wait times for downloads?


                        Could need some help seeding the Filerush torrent:

                        I see only 3 seeds and I have to please 8 peepz with 60KB.

                        so give it a go if you have a complete file.


                          99% complete, Im about to have a fit :bulb:


                            Originally posted by breadbaker
                            ... so give it a go if you have a complete file. ...
                            As soon as my download is finished I will. :up:
                            47% ... 24 mins to go ...


                              hooray, got I'm off to play. Have fun guys