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    i hate that. it feels like everyone is after me. when there is a sniper with about 3 or 4 enemies around me (deathmatch), he shoots me :<

    oh well.

    never had someone say "it's a skilled player!" do that to me though. i am 3rd in deathmatch. [6/6/2004]
    i think european people are more polite though. but you still get the occasional ******* :O


      Is this a SUCKS TO BE GOOD thread.


        Originally posted by iron12
        Is this a SUCKS TO BE GOOD thread.
        I think you hit your nail on the head.

        you hit the head on the nail..
        Saved someone from replying and correcting me.


          Originally posted by Firebert
          well, that doesn't really hurt you that much, since you get scored on kills not deaths, if they're all fighting you then they wont have very many kills, while you should be able to take a few of them out every time if you did win the first time, sounds like an 'operational error' to me

          About getting scored on kills...All i play is dm im a decent player for the system i play on but when im playing im more worried about my deaths..when i lose i sometimes have 60-10 dude who wins has a 60-60 :-) deaths mean more to me


            Hey, such a situation could encourage teamwork to take down the top man! Everyone's always complaining about their not being enough team work.


              hm, this never happens to me. of course I dont like to play in servers with more than like 8 ppl in em(except onslaught) and when i win a round, the next I still end up being one of the top, and dont notice anyone trying to hunt me down specifically.