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what UT2004 mods are coming out this week ?

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    what UT2004 mods are coming out this week ?

    the MSUC phase 3 deadline is june 6th so there must be a lot of mods coming out until then

    I know that unreal annihilation will be released later today, but only for ut2003, I dont know if the ut2004 version will follow this week

    Chaos UT will be released on the 5th

    a new version of unwheel will be released as well

    any more ??

    I thought that all the mods (frag ops, atlantis, action ut etc.) have to put out a version before june 6th ? :bulb:

    and what is this MSUC phase 4 ?? I thought phase 3 is final

    jungle warfare 2.0
    possibly a patch for RO
    I think LawDogs
    Unreal Racing (or speed, one of those, or both?)
    something Enter the lions den...
    and I think Altered State(they stated they will make a 3rd phase release)
    and a whole bunch of others.


      unreal racing and unreal speed both look kinda dead (no news posts for month, and no forum posts for weeks)

      I hope they release and that they will work online :noob:


        Originally posted by Princess_Frosty
        Strike force isnt having a release yet, its on hold for the next stage afaik.

        Hackerz was going to have a release for this stage but we fell behind in work because of exams.
        hm, thats a **** shame, hackerz was definately one of the mods i was looking forward to(for forgot about earlier )


          Theres a ONS MechPack coming out. should be today,im hoping.
          here have a look :up:


            I thought Eden Eclipse was aiming for Phase 3 ...


              I'm on mod overload.