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Anyone been dealt with unfairly by the moderators?

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  • Anyone been dealt with unfairly by the moderators?

    Not that I have:


    You are being warned for making this post:
    This post is defined as Flaming!

    You need to take a moment and read the rules to avoid future warnings. You can find them here:

    You now have 6 warning points, when you reach 15 we will automatically ban you.

    Please note that due to the size of the message board our staff does not allow for appeals to warnings. You can avoid future warnings by reading the rules above.

    Best Regards,
    Atari Forums team.
    Seems a little unfair that they basically discipline you with no way to state your case or to remove the warning points or to appeal the bs!

    I say ban the Atari Nazi Forum Squad!

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      It's not as if they banned you without any appeal (although it does happen) - all it is is a warning. No biggie. And not very many people get banned who don't deserve it - it is pretty hard to get to 15 without being generally ignorant.


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        post in the ban me thread and then its unfair dissmisal


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          true sometimes its unfair


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            I got 2 WL for quoting a very small, tiny, hardly noticable with the naked eye, picture..... :cry: :cry:


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              <shrug> everyone loves me.


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                Yea they give out the stupidest warnings. I got 1 point for the message boards messing up and putting the official icon in front of one of my posts. I very well know I didn't put that icon there, I remember. It's stupid. So if more things that happen that arent my fault, I get banned? oh, ok. MAKES SENSE.


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                  I'm not sure how giving you 6 WL points for flaming, instead of giving you 15 and an instant ban for posting offensive material, is being unfair. The link you gave was to a porn site.

                  Whumpmaster: You should always read the rules before posting at any forum. They are there for a reason.


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                    Flaming is flaming.
                    Be glad you weren't banned


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                      Re: Anyone been dealt with unfairly by the moderators?

                      Um penguin ....does that make any sense? If not don't worry it's a little beyond you
                      Originally posted by NeoBorn
                      Not that I have:
                      Just goes to show you, the people handing out the points are um ....human 2 think um special, or um un-bright


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                        Are you trying to get banned now?


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                          I´m sad I missed the thread about me,but I´m more intelligent and wrote u a pm neoborn.


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                            Don't you think though, that anyone recently warned will be a bit biased?

                            Mods have bad days too... (cough...PR_Flack..cough...yesterday...cough).

                            Unfortunately for us, we typically hear from them when we have done something bad. I do have to hand it to Pez though, Pez is the only one that I have seen encouraging people to frag him online or posting not just to respond to accusations etc..

                            So, to make a long story short.... The mods are just doing their jobs. I doubt that they have a personal axe to grind. It would be wholly unprofessional.


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                              How do I keep a track on my new found points an the point system? Is there somewhere I can monitor my progress

                              I love new games.