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Required training mission for OST

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    Originally posted by squoibymox
    Hey, I've been playing FPS games since they existed.

    I've been playing games since before Windows existed.

    I spent a month with UT2004 and this message board before hopping online.

    And ya know what? Even I get called a noob anytime I'm not playing exactly in the way someone ELSE thinks I should be playing.

    My "non answer" to them is to go take a flying ****.

    Go join a clan if you want razor honed team tactics, that's what they're there for.

    I'm an adult and no longer have the time to learn EVERY SINGLE MINISCULE STRATEGY BASED MICRO DETAIL OF EVERY FREAKING MAP.

    I'm out to have a little fun, and I do it on public servers.

    Sometimes I'm the one being frustrated by the noobs, sometimes I'm the one doing the frustrating...

    I really could care less either way.


      I'm a big fan of mandatory pre-online training, Original Soundtracks, AND Swedish cheese. This thread is win/win/win as far as I'm concerned. :up:


        Originally posted by LBt1st
        %Does this mean I get to be a **** and correct you now? It is "original". There, now my **** is bigger then yours %
        Actually, I had a look, and it appears that both forms are valid, so up yours ^_^

        Originally posted by LBt1st
        And no I'm not going to forever leave this board because I miss typed an abbreviation and got called out on it. Like I'm so crushed by this I can't stand to show myself to you complete strangers. Grow up, really.
        Sarcasm/, keep your pants on.


          % = sarcasm :P

          Okay I'm done with this thread since people arn't hearing me. I said several times that I'm not upset at the newbies or even the people who are just playing for fun. But everyone's so **** defencive around here we can't even get a conversation going about anything. You guys would rather focus on finding an insult, and then countering it, then hearing what I have to say. So forget it I give up.