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    For gameplay, Decadence is it. Not to mention that it looks amazing. I play with the 'fixed' boost dodge mutator, which makes the map a miniature playground for me.

    Gazpaucho wasn't bad, but the sniper holes get really annoying really fast. And the theme is just too reminescent of stock maps like Chrome and Injector. Besides, I'm more of a fan of castle maps than I am of the futuristic ones.

    Deep takes the cake conceptually, and Skorbut looks the best out of all of the CTF maps. (Though those fine looks screw with sniping efficiency more often than not).


      Originally posted by Varsity
      That reminds me. Is the bottom of Skorbut meant to look like this?
      No, it's not. You have to turn world detail to high ( I think thats the one) It should kinda look like a hurricane, not a black hole.


        Originally posted by EzH
        its weird, i dont have an amazing computer (2.2GHZ & 512MB ram but only 32MB GeForce1) but Skorbut runs absolutely fine for me, a lot faster in fact than that G-something DM map (the CBP2 one with the small dark rainy village). must be a CPU bottleneck on Skorbut perhaps? its blood good tho, with the t/l you can get just about anywhere - great attention to detail there. same can be said for the whole pack actually.

        it made me laugh how CliffyB says in the game's community tab:
        almost all of these maps are almost good enough to have been shipped with the original game
        thats a massive understatement, as some of these maps are better than the game's original maps!

        anyway, great work on volume 1. i hope V2 has even more CTF,ONS and AS. I could live without any more DM maps i think

        ANd Cliff will not say that the maps are better than some of the retail ones. Just not good for image


          by Acidpablo

          great AVA; good theme and gameplay; layout good for CTF but my bots just can’t defend.