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BioRifle haters?

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    Hmm Bio Rifle is pretty good, not my favorite too, but I dont want it gone, like every other weapon.


      In one month from now this thread celebrates its 4th birthday, wonder if there will be cake?


        Yes, I'll bring some. And after the party, we'll have a food fight with green jell-o, to commemorate the goo that this thread is all about.

        Now, heaven-forbid that we have a party for some Flack Cannon thread. I don't think flying meatloaf has the same effect as green jell-o.


          Originally posted by legacy-zer0kewl View Post
          primary fire is useless!
          but a charge and switch to flak before you fire is prety usefull
          I hated it for a long time, until recently,when i begun mastering it a little better.As a "shocker" i thought the most difficult thing about the weapons in UT is mastering the ShockRifle.Turnes out,I just didn't know how to use it properly.Launching a large blob at a group of unsuspecting enemies is one thing, being able to kill inhuman and godlike bots in a fair fight w/ just BioRifle is another. The trick is not to hold the Fire button and hope for the best, but make arch calculations for each shot,which will at least triple one's accuracy.


            I think the reason people see it as useless is because not many people learn to use it well. Statistically its a very strong weapon, perhaps its full potential is hidden to all but a few players? Sure most good players have a general understanding of it, and can calculate the goop quite accuratly, but never as good as they are with shock combos and the like. I'm speaking from a shock/lg junky pov here, but Maybe projectile guys like to use it more, I just dont see it used that much.

            I do love the lol factor though when you smash someone in the face with a charged up bio.

            There are some times when I love the gun though, its only good for a specific range though, only close range (but not very close range) where as flak is good for the same range plus closer, its the spray damage you get that means you need to keep some distance, but on the other hand its only effective in a close range, best use is to smash a glob in the middle of a few guys fighting and run away or toss a big one down onto like the shock pickup in rankin for example. If its a full server chances are pretty good that someone will die as that spot always seems to be crawling with players.

            Great gun though, I dont use it much but I would hate to see it go. Not that I play UT3 though. UT2004 so much better...