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    Forced perspective maps

    I've never understood them myself, can someone enlighten me about why the gigantic household room maps are good/popular?

    Like CTF-BedroomsRemix][ ?



      Re: Forced perspective maps

      Originally posted by Org
      I've never understood them myself, can someone enlighten me about why the gigantic household room maps are good/popular?
      I don't mind 'em. Wouldn't want to play them exclusively, but I have fun on the occasions when I run into them.

      Why are they popular? Well... first off, it's kind of cool to be "virtually" the size of an ant for a little while, I think that's a natural curiosity for people. On top of that, those maps naturally present a unique type of layout that you don't see in typical, normal- scale maps... gameplay on a giant- style map is just different, and can be a nice departure from the usual thing. Thirdly, they've been making those for UT for so long now, it's sort of attained tradition status.

      I really like Teddie's DM-December24th map, it's got a cool look to it.

      Hmmm... thanks for reminding me. Think I'll go search nalicity for some giant maps.


        Only Teddie and shokazulu do them well

        Some of them I like, Like Teddie's Christmas one and Shok's Saloon. They got way over done though, with lots of people throwing together some poorly made maps. Done well, they are great sniper maps, and the instagibbers love them with low gravity.

        It started back in UT99 with a map called Small soldiers and it was a child's bedroom with toys. If there was one before that I didn't know about it.


          I love the wide open feel to them. And yeah, it is kinda fun running around on normal things ten times the size you are.


            I was on 56k in UT, and I had loads of those giant maps to play offline. I loved them. I think I'll finally go download shok's pack. I also thank you for reminding me how fun those are.


              Originally posted by [NBS]Flak
              Only Teddie and shokazulu do them well
              I don't know that I'd totally agree with that... unless you're of the type to feel that excessive ductwork/ crawlspace tunnels make for a bad map. I've always kind of enjoyed the standard livingroom/ bathroom ones.. and which one was it for UT99 with the foosball table and the little wetbar in the corner? Now that was a classic...

              Anyhoo, I've been digging around for some 2k4 giant maps at Unreal Playground and NaliCity, haven't tested most of my haul yet... but I did find one you guys ought to check out:

              DM-Webspace3D (first map on the page)

              I dunno that I'd ever want to run into this map online, but sometimes you see a map that's so whacked- out it catches your fancy -- this is one of those. Some very bizarre things going on with the layout on this one... definitely not what you're used to seeing every day. :up:

              *edit* Never tried out Shokazulu's maps, am downloading now. Looks promising, thanks.


                I'll give it a try.

                *edit* not tonight don't feel like signing up for anything


                  Not to be pedantic, but "forced perspective" refers to trick photography that makes certain objects appear larger or smaller than others by placing them closer to or further from the camera. Just so you know.

                  As for the popularity of large-scale maps, I have worked up a personality profile on several "big map" fans* and have come up with the following reasons why they enjoy big maps:
                  • They enjoy hiding dark corners and sniping at a bunch of other people who like hiding in dark corners and sniping.
                  • They get future shock when exposed to all these crazy space maps with all their blinking gewgaws and flashing doohickeys and whatnot, and thus pine for familiar surroundings like, say, a contemporary-style kitchen built for forty-foot-tall people.
                  • Are really big fans of The Incredible Shrinking Man
                  • Are overcome with feelings of insignificance in relation to the universe and can only express their angst by acting out repetitive, ritualized violence in a mundane setting that is scaled to remind them of their insignificance. Or not.
                  • Are participating in government-funded "mouse empathy building" experiment.
                  • Harbor secret fantasies about being three inches tall and swimming in a toilet.
                  • OMG GIANT TOILET!!!!

                  In summary, I am a very big liar and you should not listen to me.

                  I thank you for your time.

                  *No I haven't.


                    Large-scale box maps are ideal biotopes for newbies since skilled players avoid them. That's why those maps won't die.


                      They are popular in CS too aswell as UT99.

                      I loved playing UT99 Sniper Arena TDM on those type of HUGE maps, where you can hide in vents/cupboards etc. Everyone picks a spot to camp/hide and you are trying to pick people off across the map, its cool.

                      Harbor secret fantasies about being three inches tall and swimming in a toilet.
                      ****, you got me. :haha: