i can Smell it look in your XPlayers.int, for people with new patch.

new models

MechaSkaarj="Name: Mekkor|Age: Unknown|Race: Skaarj||Data:|Mekkor is from the Black Fist Clan, sworn enemies of the Iron Skull Clan. Severely injured in battle, he is testing his new cybernetic armor in the Tournament.||"
BarkTooth="Name: BarkTooth|Age: 32|Race: Metal Guard||Data:|Barktooth would rather rip an opponent to shreds with his bare hands than fight from afar. He also finds close range Flak shots very satisfying.||"
Necris="Name: Kragoth|Age: 127|Race: Necris||Data:|After an absence of several years, the Necris are preparing a return to the Tournament. Kragoth is participating to scout the competition