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EPIC : Framerate Cap still not highered ?

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    some good points in this discussion, so Redrum are u saying that if the fps cap was increased to 120. Then ppl with high end machines such as myself could play with vsync enabled and this would stop the mouse lagging and increase mouse smoothness with movements and on-screen aim.

    As at the moment with the 85fps cap, if i enable vsync i feel that with online play, i'm pushed back to that limit which causes this lag and hinders the smoothness of my mouse. Mouse smoothing strength doesnt seem to make any difference to my mouse either, i've noticed this with optical mices.

    I currently have the refresh rate set to 120Hz for 1024x768 which is the optimal setting for my CRT monitor. This results in smoother aiming on my screen and smoother mouse movements.


      highered? lol


        rofl what KaiRaene are u chatting about :haha: so sue me, i got lazy and made a word up :up: