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Do you imagine, the people you're killing are humans?

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    Originally posted by Tenakalaz
    it's space invaders in a pretty dress.
    Like your Dad, dressing up in Mommy's clothes and makeup when you are all out of the house?


      Originally posted by ***_Hamster
      Like your Dad, dressing up in Mommy's clothes and makeup when you are all out of the house?
      How do you know this :haha: strange very strange lol

      Anyway back to the question no for me its just fun and a stress release when i get home from work


        I agree with the threadstarter that games should not be a way of taking out ones aggressions, it should be about fun period. I see it as a competition, like sport, I have never in my over 15 years of computer gaming thought about the virtual representations on the Screen/TV as humans. There are however other games such as Postal (and in a way the GTA series) wich promotes a nasty kind of violence for the sake of violence without a reasonable context (atleast not a context young people would understand) and I feel games of that kind should be prohibited.


          Originally posted by ***_Hamster

          Of course, it could all be like "Ender's Game" and what we are really doing is ruthlessly controlling real fighters in horrific conflict zones. Perhaps the game aspect is all an illusion, and this is a ploy by the military-industrial complex to get remorseless quick-twitch combat direction under the guise that it is "all just a game."
          If that's the case, I'm responsible for a whole lot of deaths...
          ... and not on the other teams...

          I feel too quilty to play now.

          Great book(s) though...


            i dont have time to imagine anythin. . . in the game you actually see the things your shootin so the game does the imagining for you :heart:


              You don't shoot them they are gonna shoot you!

              Self Defense!!!


                Originally posted by DrThodt
                I imagine baby children.
                That's only because your mother never loved you.
                But then, who could blame her?


                  ...You're supposed to kill people in this game?

                  What kind of sickos are you?!

                  *Uninstalls and runs away crying*


                    Originally posted by Mr. Brownstone
                    Video-games do not “cause” incidents like Columbine, although it is fair to say that those with disturbed minds will be inclined to play violent video-games. The paranoid media will then try and draw a connection, creating a sensational scapegoat rather than exploring the root of the problem.

                    To me, UT is a glossed-up virtual paint-ball game.
                    Hmm... Bowling For Columbine, anyone? I blame the news, and American society/culture as a whole.


                      no, i dont really imagine killing people, but even if the game was killing people (not aliens, robots, steroid atticks, and afew creepy folk) i dont think shooting games and movies cause school shootings and such, there aren't people who have wonderful lives, loved by everyone, and then play UT and boom, they go shoot up they're school, the people who do go postal just play violent video games

                      Say video games cause violence is like saying flight schools caused the sept 11 attacks "those people went to flight school and then crashed a plane into a building, the flight school must be EVIL!"

                      One other thing, is that in UT your not actually killing anyone, if after peoples insides were vaporized they came back at they're house, murder would be more of a immature prank


                        Some people say voilent video games are a bad influence.


                          I never imagine the characters to be humans, infact I barely consider them characters... reiterating what has already been said, I do just consider them targets. My goal is to get my crosshair over the target and shoot it. If I hit then I get a point and I go for another target.

                          Teammates on the other hand are somewhat different. I will try to help my teammates out, assist them to heal vehicles and nodes and wait to pick them up etc. In games such as XMP you get an even bigger bond with team mates because you have to heal, restock and revive them, and you RELY on them to stay alive, unlike UT where you look after number 1.

                          Having said that, even if a team mate gets killed, it's an inconvenience more than anything else, I know they'll be back, but it means that i'm on my own for the time being.



                            Originally posted by Vonmaxl
                            As was said above, violent shooters dont create maniacs who go around killing people, its just that those people have a tendancy to play these types of games because to them it is somewhat like real killing.

                            As for me, I play types of games because they are fun, and are variation of paintball/laser tag. Now that I think about it, even if I tried imagining that I'm killing real people, it would change anything because lets face it, they are pixels on a computer screen...
                            i have always,told my kids,this is not reality,and you cant resolve issues with killing.same deal with my kids when go shoot the real guns too. it is not a real way to fix me,this is no different than knocking bowling pins down,with a bowling ball or my .45.and you cant just kill people for the hell of it,as much as a few certainly deserve it.people like ted bundy are a prime the video game/killing spree link i do not buy at all.just like those idiots who tried to blame their killing spree on seeing the movie "natural born killers".i though it was an excellent movie,and i had a shotgun with the bayonet on it like the one woody used to stab the guy in the sporting goods store .these *** hats need to step up,and take personal responsibility for their own actions.


                              bad influence

                              Originally posted by E-Trip
                              Some people say voilent video games are a bad influence.
                              probably more so with an already damaged (mentally) person.any average person of any age over 9-10 with a decent sense of empathy and a good grasp of reality it wont make any noticeable difference.example--gravity is real,it works,electricity is real,it works,and fire will burn!


                                Originally posted by M0rtus
                                Or if they're in America where they can buy their **** guns at the same time as their groceries :sour:
                                What is that comment implying? Are you saying that anyone in America can legally purchase a firearm as easily as buying groceries? That is incorrect. There are mandatory background checks and waiting periods. While there are a few loopholes, most citizens cannot just "buy " a gun at the same time as their groceries. I will tell you that it is the criminal elements in this country that circumvent the registration and background check processes are the ones that cause the primary problems of handgun violence. I would suggest you do some research prior to making a claim like the one you made.