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More patch changes (build 3203)

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    3203 appears to be a release this may be the complete changelog for this patch.

    super glad to see UTSecure get pulled from it:up:


      Originally posted by >X<
      Is this patch official???
      it's official..but still beta at this point.

      edit..whoa..his post disappeared..?


        Originally posted by DrSiN
        In the hands of someone with great aim, the sniper rifle is probably the most powerful non-super weapon in the game. However, unlike UT99, you can't use it as your primary weapon and you actually have to be a good shot. It's not a weapon you can easily master and shouldn't be.
        Hehe, you actually hit right on the core problem. In UT2004, you CAN NOT change weapon from sniper to something else unless you have a very enemy-free view. So for practical purposes, the sniper is used exactly like in UT99: snipe until you die. The whole idea of using the best weapon for the current situation is basically thrown out of the window when it comes to the sniper.

        Looking at the damage, the sniper and LG has about the same max-damage/second (both with HS and as normal shots). So why should sniper have more than twice the switch delay compared to the sniper.

        To sum it up: either LG and Shock is very overpowered, or sniper is to weak. There is really no other choice.

        EDIT: its nice to see some action from Epic in the threads atleast. Maybe my ***** thread made a difference (or maybe its just coincident).


          Sauna - a lot of the problems you describe are packet loss, like nodes and turrets disappearing. It's frustrating, but the result of an inferior connection.

          Frogger - release candidate? :me rubbing hands together: gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!


            Re: Re: More patch changes (build 3203)

            Originally posted by sauna
            How about these then?

            Good list, especially the demorec issues, though the ping related suggestions are pretty controversial. There are many more bugs to sort out -- some listed above, some in past threads here, some at a stickied ProUnreal thread.

            - Why when I play an offline game then try to join an online server does it say 'connection failed' forcing me to exit UT2k4 then retry the server?
            - What about the pickup bug where items are not picked up despite being almost on top of them -- can't someone increase the pickup radius?
            - How about the the buggy server filters -- often if I add more than one rule to a custom filter setup, then go back and check and find the last rule I added was forgotten?
            - Why do instant action games on some maps (e.g. Chrome, CTF-Grendel) play 4 vs 3 players with the 'use map default' player number option chosen (this is apparently a problem with custom maps too according to the maker of CTF-CoretClassic)?
            - What about the bug where you pick up small shield, sustain shield damage, then pick up another small shield and you only get 49 shield points?
            - How about the aforementioned lack of audible/visual hit feedback in general, but especially with the classic sniper? No wonder people are looking for hitsound mutators.
            - Why in offline CTF games (BR too I think) does a respawning (godlike) bot sit around by the flag/ball stand even though his flag/ball is half way to the other side?
            - Was the BR ball-in-the-wall problem completely fixed?
            - Can we please get a rewind/jump-back command of some sort in the demo player?
            * Most importantly, how about a dedicated feedback/bug forum like you had for the demo, so that people can discuss such problems and help you improve the game.

            Great game but some important details still need attending to.


              Where is it?


                Buffy, I seriously suggest you take up modding. It would take Epic a year to get the game to your specifications, and no one would like the game except for you and these people you say you speak for.


                  Hi all!

                  Don't post here very often but I would like to throw out a few things for the wolves to chew on.

                  Sniper Switching

                  After playing with the sniper I too thought this was an accidental bug by Epic. All the other weapons have a standard switch time. I think this is important to maintain a good flow while dueling it out and the sniper hinders that game flow. Weapon switching is a big part of this game and its important to keep the times the same.

                  I find myself ignorning this weapon, unless absolutely nessesary. It takes away from maps like Deck and Curse. They just aren't as fun without a solid headshotting hitscan weapon. Replacing with the LG is do-able but shouldn't be nessesary. More mutators = greater community fragmentation.

                  Epic has done an EXCELLENT job balancing the current arsenal. This isn't easy to do considering the number of weapons and the fact that each one has two distinct firing modes. Personally I don't think getting rid of that delay would make it anymore powerful than the LG is already. Of course I have no data whatsoever on this.

                  My suggestion would be to mess with the damage or Rate-Of-Fire (ROF) for balance rather than altering the switch time. Anything but that switch time please!


                    Someone want to send me 3203 and the changelog?


                      Re: Re: More patch changes (build 3203)

                      Originally posted by Logy
                      The server now verifies that there is an equal number of fat and skinny players on each team.

                      I should imagine.
                      so can that server help me out in my personal life?


                        Originally posted by DrSiN
                        In the hands of someone with great aim, the sniper rifle is probably the most powerful non-super weapon in the game.
                        And that's why it's my favorite weapon. I don't have the greatest aim, but there is nothing like getting a headshot or hearing headhunter. You really have to work for a kill. The LG just doesn't do it for me at all.

                        If you play any game on my servers you won't find the LG, sorry folks.


                          what sauna said in an earlier post...:up:


                            What the hell is a "valid forced character", Epic? ALL the player models should be valid forced characters. Are some models specifically designed to be more or less visible than others?

                            If so, why the hell is GORGE on the list of "valid forced character" models? He's the second most visible skin/model combination in the entire game (second to Widowmaker, I would think). What is the reasoning behind only having a limited number of forceable models?!


                              Originally posted by Shuri

                              now, it would be nice if the red is lighten up a bit more too


                                WHAT ABOUT THE PAUSE CHAT BUG?

                                I do not think Epic realize what actually goes on in clan wars.
                                In nearly every single clan war the game is paused at least once, due to a player dropping, or someone's ping spiking or whatever.

                                Now, as soon as the server is paused, each player connected can only speak one line! (Apart from the admin)
                                This means that the opposing team, who dropped a player, are unable to tell the admin to unpause.

                                I've been in wars where we've waited forever, then finally got sick of waiting, and just unpaused. And then the other team went like "OMFG!!! We've been ready for 5mins!"

                                In the last wars I've played, we have resorted to using IRC chat to tell eachother what was going on during pause. Which is bad thing, TBH. Minimizing UT all the time, eating up my RAM. Some people's UT crashes, requiering reboot etc.

                                And the cup season hasn't even started yet. I can't even imagine the nightmare it will be, if this bug is still there at that time.

                                So please, Epic. Fix this in the upcoming patch.
                                It is highly annoying.