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Finally CTF-CoretClassic is released 1/05/04

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    Originally posted by anarkist
    What's with all the complains about walldodging?

    If you can't walldodge on this you really are a ******, the collision on most of the wall meshes is box stuff anyway, its not like its hard.

    Brill remake, shame about the incredibly high texture use which is killing performance, but a lot of time has been spent on this, I appreciate the subtle detail. Good stuff.
    Sorry to hear your having performance problems. The reason I didnt release it for ut2k3 was due to that. After testing it with 2k4 and getting all the feedback, it seemed as though that was fixed.


      saw this on a pub server for the first time the other day :woot:


        Just have to say....

        ....fantastic remake Red-Dwarf. I dont really play CTF any more (TDM convert), but this brought back many good memories

        No performance issues, except for a long load time, but I can live with that.

        And the music.....great to hear that again. 2003/2004 music doesnt quite have the catchy signature tunes that UT had!


          You should make a CTF4 Map of this. That would be sweet for UT2k4.


            Originally posted by [HH]Psyco
            You should make a CTF4 Map of this. That would be sweet for UT2k4.
            As I said in the CTF4 topic, we obtained permission, but we wouldn't be able to work all of it out in time for the launch.

            We might just let him do it, if he decides to. Who better to do a conversion then the original mapper?


              Man I can't wait to get home and try this map. When I first downloaded the demo for UT99 I played hours of Coret Facility on end. I have almost two hours left on the clock then I can race home and install this new map. I am as giddy as a schoolgirl. :heart:
              This map is for 2004 right, not 2003?


                red dwarf started it in ut2k3 then finished it up for 2k4.