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People, pay more fanmade ONS-MAPS

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    People, pay more fanmade ONS-MAPS

    Our dedicated Clanserver, based in Europe and Onslaught only, has been quite popular since Demo times. As soon it opened in the evening hours it got filled with 14 players within the first 5-10 min.

    Since 2 weeks as we got bored of the small number of ONS stock maps like many other players, we tried to run the server more and more with fan made maps. The following list are the ones we put on (sometimes mixed with stock maps):









    ONS-Boiling Paradise

    Result: If we lucky, there are about 3-5 joiners after the first hour, mostly we have only 2 other players and have to fill the other team with our clanmates or even bots to get 14 players session on the go.

    What i dont understand: Why do the people moan about the boredom of playing over and over the same ons maps, but when a server dares to put on fan maps nobody bothers to join and plays rather on Torlan.

    There are not that many new ons maps available and most of the online players know where to get them, so why do you not dl + install them and then play them ? And if you to laszy to do that, then just join a server who plays non-stock and have the patience to wait a bit for the auto-dl in game. I really dont understand that,it was different in UT2k3.

    Hopefully we get new stock maps with the first patch or maybe a bonuspack with plenty maps which would solve the problem a bit. If i was a ut2k4 mapmaker i would be very frustrated about that situation.

    Be it a good thing or a bad thing: MapPacks are the new trend.

    To get the new maps played more often a pack should be released that is heavyly advertised.


      what's the ip for the server? would love to join in on some custom maps games.


        Er, why not set up redirect - seems hypocritical for lazy admins to criticise lazy players! Hop over to for links to redirect sites etc.

        The quickest way to kill a server is to put on custom maps with no redirect - I know from expereince on my own servers.

        However, get a fast link sorted and it shouldnt be a problem. My fave 2k3 servers were all custom map servers and my 2k3 server now contains about 10gb of pushed maps...

        Worked for me, hope it works for you too, GL!


          I have no idea?

          I love finding custom maps to dl. I have pretty much all the good fan made maps. I like playing on the servers with 24+ people, and I don't often find servers with custom maps on larger servers. The best way to run a server is to have a map vote with stock + custom maps. I find that that is the most successful way.


            Well for a START, the 'standard servers only' checkbox probably means your server isn't showing up for your players anymore.


              Re: I have no idea?

              Originally posted by polariscrd
              The best way to run a server is to have a map vote with stock + custom maps.
              Actually we tried that. When we tried the first custom maps, we put them on only. When nobody joined we exactly came to that conclusion that the server isnt shown as a standard server anymore. So we mixed it with stock maps and made sure to start with a stock map. It helped a bit
              >>> custom only - no joiners
              >>> stock/custom mixed with stock at start - about 2-5 joiners overall
              >>> stock only - 14 joiners after latest 10 min.

              Fueger`s solution with the heavily advertised mappacks seem to be a good idea. Imo the mappacks should have an auto-installer because i guess a high percentage of the people are even to lazy to install the maps manually.


                Yeah, server map packs available on the server's website would be good as it would definately get everyone into the game quickly (a lot of CS servers did this and it seems to have done the trick).


                  the server will fill up quickly if you put all those maps on a redirect and dont run any mutators


                    Originally posted by TheGreatFoo
                    Well for a START, the 'standard servers only' checkbox probably means your server isn't showing up for your players anymore.
                    I still have it checked and custom map servers still come up but are not always easy to spot since they don't say so in the server name or might be running a regular map at the time. Of course if it takes forever to download most wont bother but I think most good servers use the redirect links as the files zip on down.

                    Some have really crappy maps but most I've found have been pretty cool :up:

                    P.S. I thought the checkbox just keeps mutator/mod servers from showing up.


                      I'm honored to have my map mentioned

                      anyways I'm kinda suprised that people don't like to play custom maps...suprisingly a lot of the onslaught maps are of good quality (especally with the unrealplayground onslaught maps) and some of them are extremely fun...looking at the server browser about 95% of the servers are running stock I'm sure some of these servers have some custom maps but it's kinda discouraging as a community mapper to see so little custom stuff being played...

                      but on the other also tells you how the general population feel's about the stock epic maps...


                        Originally posted by supernewbie
                        the server will fill up quickly if you put all those maps on a redirect ....
                        What you mean by that pls ?

                        Originally posted by PointlesS
                        I'm honored to have my map mentioned
                        What map was made by you then ?


                          pls usually means please it is the lazy way of saying it


                            first off post the address of your server so players who are reading this can check it out...

                            it may be a coincidence but i know everyone i play with is starved for custom map servers and would be happy to find another good one... ill be there if i get a good connect

                            definitely mix custom and stock maps, people go for what they know, but if you mix them in they will get used to the new ones too. its takes awhile to build a good following with mods or maps on a server, have patience and it will get there. :up:

                            make sure your maps are downloaded on a fast redirect. i love custom maps but if it takes 10 mins to dl im outta there...


                            EPIC PLEASE take away the Standard Servers ONLY DEFAULT CHECKBOX! It should be All servers by default, let the Player make the choice.


                              I'm always on the lookout for new maps. I have two servers in my favorites - one with a lot of people and excellent ping, and the other that cycles through custom maps. I've played about half the maps you listed (plus many others you didn't list).

                              I think I'm lucky in that I get 400 KB/sec downloads and can usually get a full map in under 15 seconds. A lot of people probably aren't as fortunate and want to play now instead of waiting 5+ minutes for the download to complete. Guess that's why map packs are more popular... people can just download a bunch of maps while they're off doing something else.