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    Originally posted by Asmodeus5150
    I'm a DOOM nut, have been since day one, I just like the scary satanic stuff I guess, but that's the **** that makes for a cool game. Even read the novels, which wasn't great, but funny.

    BTW, is there anyway I can download the original doom that is compatible with windows XP, I'll like to jack around with it again for old time sakes.
    Asmodeus5150, i have to warn you, its probably not a good idea. like you, i am a HUGE fan of the game (which i still maintain is most responsible for bringing FPS to mainstream popularity), and a few years ago downloaded it, give it another go for old time's sake...

    ...bad move. Because of the infinite gap between doomII and modern FPS, I really couldn't play it for too long before giving it up. My memories of the game, and the good times had, were/are so much better than the game actually is now in terms of where FPS gaming has gone.

    But no matter what, i regard it as a large part of FPS gaming's foundation.