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Unrealism vs. realism

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  • Unrealism vs. realism

    Is it me - or people these days more and more want to play 'realistic' games? With that I mean existing weapons and normal human opponents in realistic looking environments.

    The top 6 most played games are all 'realistic' games. I did notice one thing at csports - UT2004 currently has more players than BF:Vietnam (although gamespy thinks otherwise)

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    People wouldn't sell for a realistic game.


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      Realism and speed I think.

      Last night again I heard someone saying UT2k3 is too fast for him. Guess the young ones don't know what computer action gaming is about anymore.


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        If something is close to what it would be in the real world, it is easier to become immersed.


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          I am sick of realism games. FarCry is good because it's a real adventure, instead of a dry Nazi hunt.


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            whutever's phun


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              I think the top few games are mainly ones with poor copy protection. I've played CS with a 123 cd key online, and I know people who have played cracked BF etc. with cracked versions online. ET is free.


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                i hate realism!


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                  lol it's kinda funny... why would people want to play realistic games, if they think that by playing games they can escape the realism and real world for a while .

                  I know people who say that if a game is unrealistic, it's fun. Probably because it's something new and exciting and a whole new world. My brother thinks that Quake 2 is the best game ever, because it's SO far from realism that it's hard to think adding any cool unrealistic stuff besides the ones already implemented.


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                    Realism is nice, but it gets verrrrry boring after a while.

                    I remember when i was still in mid-grade(Dutch system) we played Delta force every friday for two hours long.(On the school network, 32 players) It was fun, but after a while it got to the point where it was just a simple matter of who had the best camping spot(Moving was lethal, you could be spotted across the map if you moved).

                    Now the newest DF-thing, Joint operations, is a lot better. But still.
                    If the server isn't fully filled or small(Read: Anything less than 64 people) its a real pain in the ass to find a target.
                    All these games have one other flaw, since they are only suitable for teamplay("One shot-one kill in a slow game" DM is really boring). Because you are killed in one shot, a person with a machinegun in a bunker can do incredible damage. Therefore you need some supportfire from choppers or other vehicles (No snipers, usually they are picked of before they can reach a decent spot) Now try to get people organized on a Public server, its impossible.

                    And another thing: Most of them are really easy to get very good in. Just stay stealthy, aim before you fire(Most people forget this), support your teammates, and move after you fired a few shots.

                    Therefore: Unrealism> Realism


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                      I believe that Non Realistic (Unreal) games are far better!

                      Why? Simple. the more realistic it becomes, the more it looks like real life, the more the person playing it could mistake the 'Real Workd' as the game and do something very bad! This then would create a knock down effect of the Goverment vs Games Argument....

                      And trust me, I dont want to see that happening...

                      *Goes back to play Unreal Tournament*


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                        Naturally most ppl here will favor unrealism (as do I), but many ppl like the "stealth" factor in games like CS, BF, etc.

                        I see UT2004 like a sport. I want action "in your face", not boring creeping around. But other ppl don't think it's boring, I guess they like the suspense of "where is my enemy?" and the thrill of fragging someone without being seen.

                        Many such games also make you wait until the next round if you were fragged. I hate that, I am way too impatient when it comes to gaming action. It's also why I don't like CTF-Face3, because it always becomes a game of FC-hide-and-seek (boooooring).

                        So, for me it's definitely unreality > reality


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                          I'm not a fan of realism - I like to respawn in a game, and probably wouldn't particularly want the pain of being shot.


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                            Originally posted by fuegerstef
                            Realism and speed I think.

                            Last night again I heard someone saying UT2k3 is too fast for him. Guess the young ones don't know what computer action gaming is about anymore.
                            I can't get my friend to give UT2k4 a chance for this same reason.


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                              I used to be a realist. MOHAA is what i've played the most and even though we were using 60 year old machine guns, I absolutely loved the game, still do.

                              Unreal changed my views on unrealism coz its such a stunning game, so now I love both.

                              Wouldnt like to say which I prefered most though