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SurpassHosting Webhosting

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  • SurpassHosting Webhosting

    By far the best webhost on the internet is SurpassHosting. They include dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and webhosting. Prices are unbelievable. For 4 dollars a month you can get 2 gigs of space and 30 gigs of bandwidth and for 25 dollars a month 10 20 gigs of space and 200 gigs of bandwidth!!! And on top of that Surpass owns their own data center and network, more than most hosts can say.

    Check out the link now....http:/// and be Amazed.

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    OOOOH can I advertise my web hosting business here too?


    • #3
      talk about overselling. if i paid for the top package would i get the 20GB of hard drive space advertised? no

      reported for spam


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        Yes you would as a matter of fact. SurpassHosting owns their own data center in Orlando Florida. I do not own SurpassHosting, i'm just spreading the word about it. I'm a Surpass Customer just to clear things up.

        Try actually reading the content of the site before overreacting.


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          Point is, if everyone did this there wouldn't be room for posts.

          According to the rules you get WL points for advertising. Whatever though dude, I'll remember not to warn you next time.


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            Yeah but everyone knows that Surpass hosting causes cancer and is the real culprit behind this Michael Jackson fiasco...touching little boys SHAME ON YOU SURPASSHOSTING!!!!!
            Plus the last time I used their hosting my a$$ was sore for a week.


            • #7
              if you can advertise then I can.