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Most Efficient Way To Link-Up in ONS

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    Great Thread! - Next Topic: Ammo Consumption.

    yeah, I'm interested in ammo usage... I figure that time really isn't the issue, I agree with the ArcticStronghold theory, in that why have 3 do the work that 2 can and send the third ahead to begin the next node, but when it comes to core destruction, ammo is what counts.


      I dont know when we are going to do the ammo tests.
      Getting 6 people together to do the last test was kinda difficult MY clanm8s are getting bored with me.

      Where is the rest of the tests? Some other people propsed to do it too.


        I'd be up for a test, I just have to finish reinstalling my OS on my gaming system... Damned stupid microsoft beta SP2...


          Hey rib-soulreaper, me and "Mr._Roboto" will probably be up for a test tonight. I get home from work about 10:30 pm (pacific), so you can IM me then.

          Edit: My internet connection is fuxored, so yeah, the test is off.


            A curse upon the house of his ISP for they keep cable hours for servicemen as they are cable broadband (though admittedly my 'net connection was out the day before his and I'm on DSL...though mine managed to "fix itself"—no it wasn't on my end).

            Yeah so until his connection gets fixed, the ammo usage test will have to be put off (probably until later today as the service guy is going visit "between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM"). Rib-Soulreaper, up for running that little test then (assuming that his 'net connection status improves)?


              I'll be up for trying that test out tonight, after 10PM EST. that's usually when I get home. you can PM me, and I'll catch up with you after that to figure something out.


                Hey guys.. I've been a bit out of the loop since UT, so forgive the question. This guy.. Emporer1C or something similar came on a server today and when I asked why he wasn't linking with me he said *I* was the noob that two people can build a node faster separately using altfire on the linkgun than linking as a pair. Well, since I was a serious ladder clanner back in the days of UT, I think calling me a noob was a bit overrated, but he said he read that quote "at the company who made the game's web site".. so I'm guessing he meant here.

                Anyone done any tests or found a thread here that actually considere the question formally: Is it faster to link or not to link when two people are building a node? It's an interesting idea. I can't find anything to justify his claim.. but he was a very decent player (keeping close to my score while facing four members of a tagged clan on a public server.. a real feat for someone who doesn't have a clue).

                Don't flame, I'm being serious.. only because he's got me questioning the idea. I know it sounds ridiculous, but has anyone tested this?



                PS - If you can successfully search the thread that considers this topic, please link me.


                  It's a given that when you don't link you've got two players sending seperate beams at the same rate. However, when you link, the player at the front not only is able to output his power, but on to of that your power with a slight bonus. I've seen it in action and can honestly say that linking is faster.


                    Yeah, you should have gone around that guy's house and given him a slap round the chops!


                      Linking is deff. faster. Link up in threes and be amazed how fast you build a node or kill a tank.


                        SPAM! CHEATERS!!!!!

                        Actually I've really come to tell you what I've found from the code

                        It shouldn't really matter what arrangment you have setup because the linking code in the AddLink function updates the passes straight down the line of people linking to the guy in front.
                          / \
                         2   3
                         |   |
                         4   5
                        Number 5 and 4 call the AddLink function in numbers 3 and 2 respectivly when they link up, when AddLink is called it increments number 2 and 3's power and then 2 and 3 pass on the SAME AddLink function information from 4 and 5 to number 1.

                        So (0 being node/tank etc)
                           0                    0
                           |                    |
                           1                    1
                          / \                   2
                         2   3      =           3      = etc. :)
                         |   |                  4
                         4   5                  5
                        Oh I only read the first page of tha topic


                          Of course the question now is thus: is ammo usage effected and what's the most ammo efficient manner of linking? (though it may be moot as well)


                            don't think so. In what way could the ammo usage be affected, if daisy setup is the same as hub setup?


                              Originally posted by [6pk]Shambler
                              Oh I only read the first page of tha topic
                              That's OK. It's good to see different people coming to the exact same conclusion independantly.


                                cant some guy get on a clanserver, link up in daisy and in hub (test again to ensure previous tests) with two teammates and:

                                +everyone has 70 ammo, guy attacked has full health and shield
                                -shoot energy pulses to enemy's feet till he's dead (not head area, hitting head will result in double damage and result in unreliable results). Record ammo and ammo used by everyone with a single pulse shot
                                -shoot energy stream to enemy's feet till he's dead. Again, record ammo

                                +everyone has max ammo (admin enables cheats, pick link up and type allammo)
                                -link up and pulse the powercore untill it's destroyed. Record time(if you want ammo)
                                -link up and stream the powercore untill it's destroyed. Record time (if you want ammo)

                                (Note: a slight difference in ammo is not relevant for the results)