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WTF??Is It Just Me Or Are Some Servers Crazy?

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    WTF??Is It Just Me Or Are Some Servers Crazy?

    i went online just now for some play,i joined a random antalus server.

    1st of all,i was shocked with the players.

    some [HOD]Clan players,most of which sucked.

    thjeyd just crouch with a link gun and try and shoot u.

    next,i fire my primary flak at some stationary guy,he jumps to life and starts flying off somewhere into the sky,spamming rockets downwards.

    i vote,at the end of the game for compressed.

    it sez "DM AFK Fvckhut has won."

    im like WTF?

    i let the map download,andi seemed to be a somewhat gael like map,only larger,with three rings and alot of useless players spamming around.

    only later do i realise,when i see people walking into corridoors,that there is an underground area with...

    WTF,a super shock rifle.

    this totally freaked me out.

    dont get me wrong,it was fun (since im good at instagib),but..


    It's just you. There seems to be nothing crazy gSAUSAGE LUNGS, FLOATING IN A DESERT DREEEEAAAMMM SUMP SUMPoing on, and anything odd you may YOUR SOUL IS MINE see is probably brought on due to APPLE NOK NOK JITTERBUG stress.


      This is why a lot of casual players don't play online for long. The "rules" change each time you hit "Mr. l33t's special lograv server w/ sucky weapons", or some such dump...