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Taking for ever to load UT2k4 ON

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    Taking for ever to load UT2k4 ON

    Hey can any one help. When I join a ON Game it take like 2 min to load and by the time I am in the first power node has been activated. It's fine when the stage reloads but even with the setting at the lowest it still takes for ever!

    Can anyone help???

    P4 1.7
    G-force Ti
    Cable intenet!

    Turn off preload player skins....


      Also, defrag the hard drive that contains the game. If you installed the game on a hard drive that hasn't been defragged in a long time it will take forever loading the maps.


        Fixing long loading times:

        So i see alot of people having trouble with levels taking too long to load. The previous tweaking will make it load a whole lot faster but i will show you how to make it load even faster. I got ONS-Torlan loading in 10 seconds with everything maxed out using this technique. I got there when it said "Waiting for other players" which is awesome. So without further or due let's begin. Firstly, open up your UT2004.ini file. Press Ctrl + F and type in Precache. For every instance of precache set it to False. This means that nothing will be loaded into the cache giving temporary hitches in-game. But this has yet to happen to me. Now go back to the top and click the first line. Hit Ctrl + F again and type in Overflow. In every instance you see that set it to true. Now do the same thing but type in Avoidhitches. In every instance of this set it to true. You are now ready to go. Go load up ONS-Torlan and watch it load like mad. You'll be surprised at how fast it loads.
        Heres the rest.



          Thanks for all your help guys.. t0x1k Your idea worked much better improve ment.

          Resurrecter I have made the changes to my ini file lets see if it makes a diff. thanks :up: