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    I just dont like the ghosting with fast moving objects on lcds, thats why i will never buy one till that is fixed. A crt will look better when playing games.


      Originally posted by VampireGabriel
      I believe the closest you can get to a CRT with a LCD is this:

      Samsung 172X

      It has a response time of 12ms. NOT great compared to CRT which are almost instantaneous, but **** good in comparison to most LCDs. And it is expensive.

      I game with a 17" 25ms Samsung that supports 1280x1024@80hz, and I love it. I notice almost no difference in my gaming from my CRT. The picture quality is much better than a CRT IMHO and I have yet to see 1 dead pixel in over a year. I rarely ever turn it off, and run a screensaver, not energy-saver.

      My next LCD will be a 12ms panel.

      As far as life? Hmm. 2000-3000 hours seems awfully short. That's 83.3-125 days of constant use. My guess is that number is closer to 20k-30k hours if not better under normal use.
      If you don't have dead pixle on your first couple days, you're mostly okay for life. Pixle don't go bad unless their were initially bad.

      As for life span. 7 year is the most LCD rating. That is if you have it on 24/7.