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.demo4 to .avi [BUG]

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    .demo4 to .avi [BUG]

    I recorded an online match (Gorrugation) and watched it (I sucked). Then I tried to convert it to an .avi file, and it converted but to the lowest resolution (320x240) in the list, not highest (1024x720) I chose from the list...

    Can Epic fix this?

    And is there supposed to come sounds along the converting?

    BTW - I love the easy way to watch recorded demos from the 'community' thing... :up:

    Rumor has it that the ellusive Epic patch will have fixes for the demo to avi problems... Atleast, that is what I have heard. I don't know if sound is supposed to convert as well, but I don't think I have seen one yet that has had working sound (when demo to avi has actually worked)


      Interesting! I found the cmd commands to record and play demos but none to convert to avi, where did you find that command?

      Instead I went and got FRAPS and it works great to record avi direct, screen captures and for logging FPS


        when you open UT2k4, go under 'Community' and then go into demos.. If you select the demo, you should have the option for 'convert to avi'.

        For some strange reason, when I try to run fraps I get an error that something is not installed (don't recall what as I am at work right now). I would really like to get that working as I would like to see the current fps displayed on my Matrix Orbital LCD display.


          A warning for all you demo recorders out there.

          1.) Ensure that you change the following settings in you're Ut2004.ini files:



          I have set it to 120. Currently there are many issues with Demo recording in ut2004. If you leave this at the default, you will not get smooth demo playback. I would recommend setting the two above to at least 80. 120 works better for me though.

          2.) Use fraps. You will have you're clips in an uncompressed format and you will be encoding only when you're final video is made. Using Unreal's Create AVI feature is ok(once its patched) if you just want the final video to be like that. But if you're gonna edit the video I would definitely recommend using Fraps. Since Unreal's Create AVI feature records you're avi in DivX format. DivX is fine if thats you're final format. But if you encode the video again, you are likely to see a loss in quality.


            ah, another menu I had never went to!


              OK, thanks for answers. :up: