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    Originally posted by CH405
    Yeah I've always been interested in the whole age issue of gaming.
    I've seen some fairly skilled 28 year olds, but beyond that when you hit 30 I think you just dont focus enough.

    I.e., you'd be married for a while have kids perhaps, yada yada, not enough time to practice, work etc, bills to pay. I don't think you could focus on gaming for one.

    I think 25 is where you're skill starts to decline. That means I've got 6 years left

    BUT then again, if someone were to constantly play from 20-30...would their skill decrease. :weird:

    A lot of 30 year olds now never played High reflex games like FPSs. Perhaps pong or something

    (no insult intended to our older crowd)

    I'm 19 btw :x
    I'm 31, soon 32. I'm the oldest active player in a pretty good european clan. My biggest skill is actually focus. I don't burst out my emotions on teamspeak like my other seventeen years old teammates might do. Though it's fun listening to. I don't get distracted, and I keep focused on my tasks during the entire clanwar, not leting any situations or opponents agitate or frustrate me.

    I've played games since 1976. That's 28 years of active playing, and alot more than your entire life. And I'm pretty sure my skills are much better now than before. You know, gaming is alot more than reflexes. Though reflexes can be trained and maintained.

    AND we definitely had high reflex games back then too. Don't talk about history you obviously know nothing about.

    So if I may sum up I pretty much disagree with everything you said.

    (no insult to you)



      Cranky Kong: "What? Back already? You kids have it soo easy these days!
      Why, back in my day we didn't need hints or fancy graphics..."


        In ONS reflex is 10% of what is required to win the game.

        It's no good having fast reflexes when senile, slow ol' Evile has been damaging all your vehicles on their spawns, and stealing all your weapons and pickups all game long, and you can't find anything better than an AR to shoot with.


          old git

          I am knocking on 34 and the only trouble I have is with the dog barking and the wife telling me to stop playing that 'boody game'.

          One point that has not been mentioned is that when you play at our age, it is always accompanied with beer. So I am nomally ****** after half a dozen games.

          My liver will give out before my game style does !!!


            Originally posted by SpH1nX
            start acting like someone mature then
            How about "no"?

            *hugs* *cuddle*


              see it like you want, the internet and (competitive) online games have only come into existance a relatively short time ago. Video and computer gaming itself has only recently left it's infancy and became a multimillion-euro business.

              When todays (15-25) generation of gamers will become 35-40 you will see a steep increase in older players that still play actively.

              I'm 28 and I don't plan to stop playing soon. Are you crazy didn't you see the video of the unreal engine 3? stop playing because of age? think again!


                Originally posted by VoodooPriest
                I'm 28 and I don't plan to stop playing soon. Are you crazy didn't you see the video of the unreal engine 3? stop playing because of age? think again!
                lol, so true :up:


                  Re: Old and Slow

                  Originally posted by LadySlayer
                  Not only this ... but i've got a raging case of PMS ... no wait - is this mental-pause? ... wanna be my opponent?
                  Sure I'm always up for some competition. I mostly play low-g ig but reg weapons can be fun too. You got a favorite server?


                    16, almost 17 here

                    I hate growing up :cry:


                      Started playing ut 5 years ago...
                      Was 15 then...