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Age and l337 skillZ

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    Age and l337 skillZ

    I was wondering... do people 20 years old have better reflexes than someone say 35? If so, would that mean that the older you get, the more "tactical" you will have to play to compete with the younger ones? Is it possible at all for someone 50 to compete with a l337 20 year old? Opinions?

    in years of online gaming I have found that on average the older you are the slower you play/......


      Yeah I've always been interested in the whole age issue of gaming.
      I've seen some fairly skilled 28 year olds, but beyond that when you hit 30 I think you just dont focus enough.

      I.e., you'd be married for a while have kids perhaps, yada yada, not enough time to practice, work etc, bills to pay. I don't think you could focus on gaming for one.

      I think 25 is where you're skill starts to decline. That means I've got 6 years left

      BUT then again, if someone were to constantly play from 20-30...would their skill decrease. :weird:

      A lot of 30 year olds now never played High reflex games like FPSs. Perhaps pong or something

      (no insult intended to our older crowd)

      I'm 19 btw :x


        looking at my brother who started gaming when he was 12 (ut) he was in several ec clans, and cupwinning clans.
        i beat him with ease, but thats just the mental part of the game, i outsmart him. learning to play is best young, and the best age to play is between 17/22 i guess (im 18)


          LMAO....Nice try Buddy....see me in the field of battle and we'll see who's slow......LOL (by the way I am 33) think its funny because I consider myself more intuitive and a lot more cautious but slower come on I am 33 not 63.....


            Originally posted by CH405

            I think 25 is where you're skill starts to decline. That means I've got 6 years left
            Originally posted by CH405

            I'm 19 btw :x

            hmm 25 - 6 = ..........................................19!

            It checks out!


              People in the 18 to 25 range, by nature, have better reflexes than most other humans.


                I'm 33.
                I think you get a bit slower in reactions and stuff as time goes on.
                I blame it on alcohol killing all those brain cells.
                Either that or loads of sex taking up all the energy.

                By the way, i've been typing this message for about 30 mins now.

                Now, where's that bloody enter key gone?


                  Originally posted by CH405
                  I think 25 is where you're skill starts to decline.
                  Not true, im 27 (nearly 28) and could give you a run for your money!

                  I do agree with the older you get the more responsibilities you have, thus making you not as focused at the younger lot. But as for reflexes, I think, there the same.

                  I myself have only got 3 things in life, college, my women, and playing.

                  And as me & mrs have decided on not having kids, that's the way its going to stay.

                  so yeah, older people rock the world.



                    People in the 18 to 25 range, by nature, have better reflexes than most other humans.
                    let me guess your in that age group right.......guys and girls in that age group I would probably have to agree to a certain point but what I have lost in reflex I more than make up for in inuition which in some cases is more important.


                      Actually, it's more complex than you think.


                      Age. Reaction time shortens from infancy into the late 20s, then increases slowly until the 50s and 60s, and then lengthens faster as the person gets into his 70s and beyond (Welford, 1977; Jevas and Yan, 2001; Luchies et al., 2002; Rose et al., 2002). Luchies et al.(2002) also reported that this age effect was more marked for complex reaction time tasks. Reaction time also becomes more variable with age (Hultsch et al., 2002). Welford (1980) speculates on the reason for slowing reaction time with age. It is not just simple mechanical factors like the speed of nervous conduction. It may be the tendency of older people to be more careful and monitor their responses more thoroughly (Botwinick, 1966). When troubled by a distraction, older people also tend to devote their exclusive attention to one stimulus, and ignore another stimulus, more completely than younger people (Redfern et al., 2002). An early study (Galton, 1899) reported that for teenagers (15-19) mean reaction times were 187 msec for light stimuli and 158 ms for sound stimuli.
                      So to put it simply:

                      -- your reaction times are likely to be fastest in your late 20s

                      -- older people may be better able to screen out distractions

                      -- your internal 'ping' is around 150-180 ms


                        Addendum to the above post:

                        I used to play a lot of pinball in the mid 80s. I was good. But there was one guy, an albino in fact, who was INSANELY good. I mean, like he was from a different species. One day a bunch of guys took him off to a physio lab where they measured his reaction times, and discovered he was SEVEN TIMES FASTER than the average joe. In other words, his internal ping was more like 25-30 ms. I didn't feel so bad being beaten by him after that.


                          I wonder... people cite experience / intuiotion stuff like that helps the older ones... but ITS A FRIGGIN GAME not real life... is it not perfectly possible for a 20 year old to have the same sort of experience / intuition older people have regarding playing 3d FPS?


                            One more piece of info (sorry, Pez, but at least I'm on topic)...

                            Reaction time is only one small component of gaming ability. Motor control and hand/eye coordination for aiming are very important, as is tactical ability and your ability to process multiple inputs simultaneously.

                            For example, if you put Fatal1ty on a 200ms ping and me on a 0 ping, would he still beat me? You bet your life. I can consistently beat my friend in the UK with a ping in the 150-160 region and him on zero. So the changes in reaction time due to age may be relatively marginal in terms of their effect on gaming ability.

                            They probably effect a twitch player like me more than a stealth player.

                            Speaking from direct experience, I can tell you that a hangover has a very, very bad effect on your reaction times.

                            Now, where's that **** Alka-Seltzer?


                              Originally posted by CH405
                              [B]A lot of 30 year olds now never played High reflex games like FPSs. Perhaps pong or something /B]
                              Actually, as a 35 year old, I grew up playing high-reflex games. Have you ever tried playing Defender, R-Type or any of the 2D shooters that used to predominate in the arcades? They are far harder than any of the PC games you get today - I can breeze through most FPS games that are released today, and they are getting easier.

                              I finished Doom and Final Doom (a collection of the most difficult levels) on the hardest difficulty setting, starting each level with only the pistol, with 100% secrets. Now, that is hard. So, far from not being used to high-reflex games, I've been playing them for 25 years

                              When I used play UT99 a lot I was also pretty good, considering I was passed it :